The Beer Thread


Grainfather is worth a look


Batch the dank double ipa this week


With a new experimental hop called TB4.


Vintage Cellars has Brooklyn Lager at 39.99 a slab.

When I’ve had it out at restaurants it’s been pretty good.


Lol. I hesitated. Btw I much prefer the hop nation dawn double ipa.


It might be a clearing of Coopers brewed stock. From now on, Lion are taking the reigns in Oz.

It’s a solid drop.


I really rate Brooklyn Lager. Although last time I bought a case for Xmas I think it set me back about $100.


Did anybody else get a beer advent calendar? Or was it just @choppsuey and myself?


Yeah it’s pretty good and for $40 it’s cheaper than Carlton Draught/VB.

I ordered it online and have been hanging out for it to be delivered.

Might have to pick up another slab in-store.


I was hoping I could get some delivered but no joy. :frowning_face:


Batch is good


Beer does a belly good job! I love all the little craft beer establishments we have in Launceston, just called in after work at one of my locals, Tandy’s, knocked off work early and was there about 1600 by 1700 the place was packed, no keno etc just good conversation and great beer.

Beer is King, now home having a few home brews, did I say I love beer!!!


Beer Cartel advent calendar day 1.

To be honest I was a little disappointed when I saw it was Two Birds Taco. Then I realised it was a Double Taco (not sure what the double means). So my excitement level was back up as it’s new. And 7% so will have a nice bit of kick. I really rate their beers usually. Especially the Sunset Ale. Will update further once consumption is complete.


Double would be jacked up, bigger body and higher alcohol, like a double IPA, or imperial stout. Enjoy!


OK so I’ve found my first problem with the calendar. I want more than 1 beer if they’re good! And this is great dammit! Admittedly my taste buds have been a bit dumbed down due to the back end of a cold. But this is a very good start. It’s really fresh, hoppy and has already given me a bit of a buzz.

Hopefully day 2 can follow suit.


The small bottles can be frustrating like that…


You can buy more if you like it!


I’ll be doing just that if I see it locally.


How does the calendar work? Sealed days and you can’t see what’s coming?


Jez-san, you mentioned a few months ago (in the DJ thread) re: waiting for a beer delivery. What online (or otherwise) service do you use? Cheers in advance.