The Beer Thread



Well, … it’s nice they don’t use BPA anymore,at least.


Grab a Balter XPA mate. I think that’s what you’re after.


Did a Craft Beer Walking Tour today around San Francisco, met many young backpacker ladies who drank me under the table. Now have a headache. Lots of fun, though I really feel my age.

Not a craft beer, but enjoyed Alcatraz Amber, refreshing ale but at 6.5% packs a punch.


Yeah you see the whole “I can taste the aluminium” thing is a myth. Beer is fresher stored in a can as its completely protected from light and can be filled almost completely to the top minimising O2 left in the can that damages delicate hop botanicals.
But more over what most people don’t realise is that craft brewers in particular think long and hard about what vessel they put their beer in. If it’s in a can, they want you to drink it from that can. It will contribute to the flavour, aromas and experience.
Bottles are actually the worst now, if I have any beer in a bottle I’m almost certain to pour it into a glass.


I’m slowly coming back round to pouring all beer into a glass to drink.

It brings back very fond memories of when i was a kid and the old man would sit on the concrete steps of the veranda and drink multiple MB long necks of an arvo (especially one as farking hot as today), but he poured every single glass.


I don’t much like drinking out of cans.


I pour every time if possible. The aroma is a big part of the enjoyment and taste perception.


Yep, as long as you pour them into a nice clean cold glass, it;s ok, the metallic taste comes from putting you mouth and lips on the can.

That small ale is a good example, won me over when I poured the 2nd one, but if I can’t pour it, it’ll be a stubbie every time personally.


Cool glass, not chilled.

Rinse glass thoroughly with cold tap water then pour. Chilled glass is a no no, people over emphasize the need for Beer to be cold. Any beer marketed as “Great ice cold” is a ■■■■ beer.


I never really liked wheat beer, but since I tried this out once, I now always have a few of these in my beer fridge. The standard one, not the Kristall version.

It does have some sediment, so best to pour into a glass :slight_smile:


Yes, like it in a glass myself. In Seattle hefeweizen was very popular and served with lemon or lime. I like it straight from the chilled bottle.

Fantastic beer.


They had Erdinger Hefeweizen on tap at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport the last time I visited. Didn’t mind it.


Hottest 100 countdown is on today. Crafty Pint will update results here through the day:


Popularity contest.

Furphy finishing 25 tells you all you need to know.

That said, Bentspoke’s Crankshaft is a cracking IPA and Hop Nation’s Jedi Juice is one of the best NEIPA’s out there.


It’s a bit of fun, but Crafty’s analyses of the results are always a good read.


Bottled exclusively from the publicly urinating phallus of B. Fevola.


Balter is good too. All the brewers want to be in there. Yea it is a popularity contest and is largely determined by social following. But I guess aside for the big ones there are a few minows out there that go above there weight. My son brewery grifter in Sydney is a small player with great beers and loyal local following. They got their pale at 38 and watermelon pilsner at 78. Also got an IPA at 126. Very independent small brewery , good result a testament to their dedicated followers


Thanks Chops I’ll check out the Crankshaft.


You sound just like the old school Triple J crowd talking about the Hottest 100 now that it’s “popular”.