The Beer Thread


Untappd is great for the breadth of it’s use but yeah the simple star rating format isn’t particularly reliable. Does comes with a decent dose of “look how many beers I’ve tried” as well.


This is worth the hype. Find it. Get it. Get it in ya.


Just drained a Green Beacon, Windjammer IPA. It’s from BRISBANE.

It was worth posting about. And would drink again.

Anyone from BRISBANE seen this stuff around?


It’s a very nice beer that one. My wife surprises me with a different 4 or 6 pack every now and then and she does her research. This was one and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Their Wayfarer PA is good too.


I was at the brewery on Boxing Day, nice little spot near the river in Tenerife. They do some reasonable stuff but their range is very limited. Windjammer is good as is the seasonal release “Scrimshaw” Australian IPA. Their beers are fairly light bodied as with most Qld breweries, highlighting vibrant hop flavours and bitterness rather than big chewy malts.


I think a bit of wee just came out.


This is amusing. Do you always scream out the names of capital cities?



Oh yeah, it’s that time. (Walks towards fridge)


Didn’t like the stomping ground. Having another xpa now.


It’s the addresses in my work phone. If someone’s put it in capitals the spell checker will capitalise it. PITA

just put back a St Andrews Pale Ale. Another sessionable beer from VIC. Wouldn’t go a long way out of your way to try it, but if it’s on hand it’s certainly drinkable.


Interesting colour on the lager.


Yes very pale


Back in Brisbane tonight. So it’s off to tipplers tap :yum:

Edit : maybe this is a new venture by the weapon?


Oops just discovered they have this on tap…

Very nice double IPA


Kaiju doing a tap takeover at Grape and Grain on Saturday. 8 or 9 taps, bit meh on most of them but would consider just for pints of Aftermath IIPA on Tap!

In other news Something For Kate have teamed up with Mornington Pen Brewery for a collaboration beer for Melbourne Beer InCider festival coming up in March. Unlike most band collab beers which are boring AF, they’re doing a session Rye IPA, laced with Mosaic and Centennial hops. Only available at the festival where S4K are playing, might have a reason to go all of a sudden!


New Balter limited release brew launching next week at Carwyn.
They’re not confirming what it is yet but all signs to hazy IPA/NEIPA. Likely another boring troprical hop thing with no real malt profile and bugger all bitterness. But will keep an open mind and give it a try. Especially if it’s in 500ml tins.


Is this describing Balter’s hazy attempts, or the style locally in general?


It’s describing their entire range…

“Light” IPA’s becoming very common in Aus now. Full percentage (6-7%) but very light malt profiles and prominent tropical hop pallate abounds but most lack for the robust malt profile and piney bitterness you’ll find in a West Coast style IPA. The haze craze is just an extension on that and something of a bridge to the juice bomb NEIPA’s.