The Beer Thread




Wow this is superb. Lovely color. I see what you mean about the extra malt and bitterness compared to neipas. Thanks for the tip @choppsuey


Proper beer mate, the real deal!


Yeah I need educating. I’m a noob. Feel free to keep the pointers coming. I still think neipas are more food friendly though for many dishes especially seafood based ones. But they cluster 8 is a ripper. Thanks!


The Mr banks was pretty ordinary compared to the cluster 8. Very pale color reminiscent of hoegaarden.


That’s disappointing. I’ve found their beers to be of a pretty high standard usually.


Yeah I think in isolation it would have been enjoyable. But not following a cluster 8. Just my uneducated feedback.


Haha far from it. You know a heap more than I do. I just know that I need to keep educating myself. :wink:


Yeah does look very pale. Hard to follow the Cluster 8 which widely considered one of the best IIPA’s available.


I have been drinking beer a very long time and I am usually up to trying anything.

I have been in USA for nearly a month and they do have some good beer, but some strange stuff as well. There is a “Irish Pub” near my Airbnb that has 76 beers on tap; all local to California. I have gotten to know the barman well and he has slowly been trying them all on me, and he seems to have great knowledge on each one.


Sour beers !! The first ones were brewed in old wine casks and take on the wine flavour, and I didn’t find them pleasant. Then there are the ones with either fruit or spice flavours.

Do any of you experts have experience with these ?


I love a good sour. They’re nice and refreshing on a hot day. It did take a while to get my head (and taste buds) around them though.


Yeah I quite enjoy a good hoppy sour. Very refreshing.


“Sour” is thrown about everywhere but is about as useful a term for beer as IPA, it could mean any number of things. Lambic, gueuze, Flanders reds, kettle sours etc.

These days you’ll find a lot of fruited sours made in a short time with lacto bacillus to give a yoghurt type sourness.

The barrel-aged blended open-fermented type stuff draws from Belgian traditional styles, and draws heaps from wine-making. They’re time consuming and expensive to make and in the minority these days, but if you’re in California you may have a chance to try some world class stuff. Look out for Russian River or The Lost Abbey. But you’ve gotta come into them knowing at times you’re straddling the line between having a beer or having a wine! I freaking love the best ones and Belgian classics.

I hope this helps.


Probably already been mentioned in here but what’s a good local sour to try?


Stomping Ground Watermelon Smash Sour is excellent. Seriously good beer.


Thanks mate. Btw how is your brew coming along?


Due for sample tonight as it happens. The slightest hint of cooler weather I’m about ready to dive in a roasty stout!!! Might pull out one of the Robust Porter’s from last year as well, coming up on ~8-9mths for that brew.

I’ll report back.


Awesome and please post some photos


Pulled the trigger on the Robobrew today. Will pick up next week.


I just had La Sirène’s Citray Sour recently, that was nice, lots of fresh oranges and good house yeast. Goes for $5-6 I think.