The Beer Thread


Phoar!!! It’s good. Pretty intense brew, almost tastes like a barrel aged number. could do with some more chocolate in the profile. Bit over carbed.


Wow that’s amazing mate! Drool! Also amazing is we seem to have the same kitchen bench top. :yum:


Robust Porter, aged ~8mths.


Where do you store it while ageing? Is it like wine in that it needs a constant cool temperature and highish humidity?


Humidity is only necessary for cork but i’m guessing it needs cool temp.


Yeah cool temp and darkness required so I store them under the house. They say standing up is best as there’s less surface area exposed to oxidization but I don’t have the space under there for that so they’re lying down in crates.


What’s the lifespan of a porter like that? And what sort of secondary characters come with bottle age? I’m clueless about ageing beer.


Smooths out the flavours and allows the different subtleties of the different malts to come through a bit more. Provided it’s in a dark cool spot they can last for years. Not something you do with hop forward beers as the delicate hop flavours oxidize over time.
Hops = fresh is best
Dark Malts = aged is better

The Porter above is getting more chocolate and smooth vanilla/caramel than when I’d just brewed it.


That sounds amazing. My favourite kind of beers. I’ve got a Barossa Valley Choc and Coffee stout in the fridge that i’m Saving for Friday. It’s not the first place that springs to mind when i think of good beer but it’s meant to be a good one.


Good beer is ubiquitous, can come from anywhere!

I’m all about that dark beer life. Sure hop forward IPA’s a nice and refreshing, but beer is malt, gimme that malt!


And this is one of the reasons why I love my wife.

A Valentinnies pack from Boozebud!


I’ve declared my hatred of Valentines Day all too often to be receiving such gifts. Oh well, still figure I’m ahead in the long run.


It doesn’t really rate too highly in our household either. My wife’s birthday is a few days ago and wedding anniversary is early next month so we’ve got enough on our plate. So this was a nice surprise. 1 night shift left for the week and then it’s beer o’clock.



In Japan, only women give gifts to men on Valentine’s Day. Then, on the 14 March, men reciprocate. What I’m trying to ask (in a convoluted way) is: is your wife Japanese? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

p.s. Happy belated BD to Mrs K.


What do others think of Sour Ale? My son gave me some and I’ve just tried it.

Thumbs down from me.


I like some sours. Great refreshing brew in hot weather without the often “heavy” feeling or palate that comes with a hop driven ale.


Don’t let one put you off any style. Could be the quality of that one beer, or the type of soured beer it was. Try another if one crosses your path.


Can confirm it’s worth a look. Not very carbonated but plenty going on. Lot’s of great coffee/chocolate as the name suggests. I’m a tough marker at the moment because i’ve been drinking heaps of Founders Porter so it’s become my new benchmark. Open to recommendations on this style if anything comes to mind?


I’ve tried two and I find them odd.

Not bad, exactly.
Interesting… but not quite enjoyable.


Hunt out the Dainton Choctail Espresso Mocha Stout. It’s Spence (like all Dainton brews) but a sensational beer.

Lots of other coffee stouts/porters around though.

Hop Nation have even done a coffee NEIPA…