The Beer Thread


Awesome thanks mate. Coffee NEIPA sound interesting too. Hop Nation are pretty reliable.


Actually, Craft Cartel have the Choctail and also Dainton’s “Cold Brew” Baltic Imperial Stout which was a collab with Commonfolk Coffee down in mornington. Stupidly expensive but that beer is phenom.


I got into this last night. I’ve turned into a big fan of a good gose and this was right up there. It was passionfruity and salty and the only disappointment I got from it was that I only had 1 can.


Wow this is a ripper. Thanks @choppsuey


Taking a leaf out of all your recommendations.

Thought I’d try both the Crankshaft IPA and Stomping ground Watermelon sour. Now to wait while they cook.


Interested to hear what you think of the crank.


Yep really liked it. For similar reasons to Chop. It’s a level above most others I’ve tried. It’s refined with good mouthfeel and head. The flavour is big but more importantly the flavour is well balanced.

This threads got me trying lots of new beers the last few months. TBH lots of them are pretty ordinary. The Crankshaft and the La Sirene are the only two so far where I’ve thought they were actually top beers.



Which La Sirène?


Only the Urban ale in the cans. Pretty keen to try some of their more adventures stuff.


The praline is their best beer and top couple of desert stouts I’ve had. Rank it alongside the Golden Stout Time as the top 2. Phenom Beer.

Their citray sour is a decent drop also.


I don’t mind their farmhouse red. Saying that, it was nice but not $10 a stubby nice.


I’ve got a delivery coming tomorrow with their Wild Saison, Premiere, and Reserve Saison. A Japanese online store had them and is closing down so I snapped them up. Still pricey though. I often take their stuff to bottle shares and it goes down well with beer geeks from other countries.


Starting to warm to this concept


Yeah that’s high on the list of next try’s. But went the watermelon goose instead. Just trying the later now and it’s very good. Wouldn’t be a regular drop but it’s different in a good way. Love the salt.




Nice. You should very soon never waste a penny buying commercial beer again.

See if you can find a local brewing club for swapsies, and you’ll be set for life!!


Trying the Jedi Juice. It’s good, but I’ve only been drinking these tropical beers a few weeks and I’m allready getting over them.


Have you tried any of the bentspoke brews that @choppsuey recommended? They may be more to your liking being in the malty/hopsy spectrum. The crankshaft is easy to find. The cluster 8 more difficult but well worth the pursuit.


We spoke about it the other day. You’ve been drinking too much :stuck_out_tongue:

But the crank is definitely more my style.