The Beer Thread


Oops yeah. I think I had too much red tonight…


Have you had the other bentspoke - burley Griffen?


No. What’s it like? I will remember this time. Promise.


I haven’t tried.

Just the local had both. I brought the Crankshaft based on Chop and your discussion. I’m going to buy some of the other soon.


It looks like it may be a bit light for me @4.2%


My local (Malt and Vine) has a lot of the beers you guys have been talking about but I’m not into very hoppy or sour beer. I do like the malty stuff but nothing too extreme. I’d like to try a few. Any recommendations?


Maybe try the bentspoke crankshaft that I’d foolishly forgotten @Preliminary_Point2 had tried. otherwise @choppsuey is your man. If you want to try some neipas I can bring some tomorrow.


Thanks for the offer but I don’t think Neipas will be up my alley. I might try some of the pommy lagers. Anybody had the Chop Shop Pale Ale?


Beer otaku!!! :joy:


Crankshaft isn’t a NEIPA. It’s a classic US IPA. Strong malt backbone underpins tropical and citrus hop profile. Moderate bitterness and hop resin.

Stockade’s chop shop Pale Ale is pretty meh. If you like malt to be more prominent then I’d look at some red ales and red IPA’s. These will feature a sweeter malt palate of biscuit, Toffee and caramel.

English IPA’s are more malty however they’re no so much in vogue at the moment.

You might enjoy the Pirate Life Pale Ale, it’s quite malt forward for a Pale Ale. Or perhaps the Feral Hop Hog. They might’ve sold to multinationals but Feral and PL still make fantastic beer… for the time being.

Bridge Road Brewers also do quite malty brews. Their Pale Ale, Little Bling Session IPA, Bling IPA and Bling Bling IIPA all very malt forward for their style.


As standard Pale ales go it’s okay, but a Pale is still just a pale.


NEIPA’s are a bit of an acquired taste I reckon. I was all in on them initially but have cooled a bit. Need me some bitterness in my beer. That said, I’m brewing a sort of hazy IPA for the 1st brew in the new Robobrew so the hop haze definitely still has a place!


Only had a few of these but i’m a big fan. Most recently the North Coast Red Seal Ale. Have you tried it?


Nah not had it. Will look for it.

Dainton’s Double Red Eye Rye is probably my favourite. Keen to try the new Sauce Infrared.


I’ll check them out.


bit the bullet? congrats!


Yeah got sick of waiting for my mate who I’m brewing with and pulled the trigger myself. 1st brew day next week. Pretty keen!


Sauce Brewing have released a Chocolate Stout for Easter. Come at me Saucey boys! I’m all in on this mob now, diversifying away from the NEIPA’s and hazy IPA’s is all they needed to do!
Half a litre or roasted chocolatey malty goodnees!

All aboard!!!


Anybody interested in a subscription service, Craft Cartel have a deal going with the 1st month for $1 on either their 8 or 16 beer monthly subscriptions. They’re usually $59 or $99 respectively. These are generally good cases of genuine craft brews, no filler here. 8 different beers, 2 of each in the 16 brew case.

Only T&C is that it must be the monthly subscription (not their quarterly option) and you must do 2 successive months before being able to cancel at any time.

I’ve just signed up for the 16 case. 48 brews for $200, delivered. You also receive a 10% discount and free shipping on all other purchases over $50.

Available till end of the month or the 1st 200 subscriptions.


I’m going to get on board too. That’s a great deal.