The Beer Thread


$7.50 per can of Beer is a great deal?? :no_mouth:

For something Chop and any other home brewer can make for about 50 cents?? Farken hell.


Not sure your calculator is working BSD.


Pretty sure it is Klawds, … $60 bucks (59) divided by 8 cans, … =$7.50 per.Capture


$7.50 isn’t amazing value but $4.15/can is, which is what I’ll be paying for those 1st 48 cans. Good chance I’ll get rid of it after that.

I’ll coming in at about $1.20 a beer when I’m brewing myself.


See Chop Chops calcs negative Nancy.


R, I C, … over the 3 months yes, a bit better.


I reckon these sort of club subscriptions will be the way I buy beer in the future. Small top ups to the home brew supplies giving a range of brews that I hopefully won’t have tried. I know last year Craft Cartel did some style based packs, inc a NEIPA pack and a red ale pack. If they do a stout pack or a porter back I’ll be in heaven!


Thanks for the heads up. I’ve signed up.

Reds are my favourite. I can’t go past a good one.

I really do struggle to find some love for pales. I’m not saying I don’t drink them but wow moments are few and far between.


Hmmm, … I actually buy my daily drink, a crisp full strength lager (fully imported from Holland no less), for about 8 cents per stubbie more than that.

Sounds like you’re buying (often way overpriced) brew packs??


Agree. The market is just so over represented with Pales, there’s not much chance of finding anything unusual or interesting without playing with malt profiles.


We’ve been doing kit and kilo to date which has been more expensive and this first brew in the robo will be a recipe kit (grain, hops, yeast, salts). It’s a bit more expensive but I want the brew running sheet and recipe breakdown for this 1st brew while I’m feeling out the machine. Beyond that we’ll start buying grain and hops in bulk. I priced the milled grain + hops + yeast for this 1st brew and it was about ~$20 cheaper. Cheaper again if buying in bulk and miing myself. Means I’ll need to get a mill at some point… ah well, the things you gotta do!

Oh and for what it’s worth, I’m not really in it for the savings. Doing it for the love mostly and as long as it’s cheaper than buying an equal quantity of comparative quality beer then I’m cool. So far we’re still better than cost neutral for the volume we’ve produced against our outlay, including buying the Robobrew and all other equipment.


I generally like red ales, haven’t really had that many though. This thread is encouraging me to try more stuff. Gave this a go tonight. Enjoyed it.

Also got some moondog beer cans for the warmer weather coming up this week.


Prancing Pony Red IPA and Dainton Double Red Eye Rye.
You’re welcome.


Lol thank you, I think.

The only trouble I have with your recommendations, is tracking them down.


Definately, green beacon nice beers, that have a cool spot in Newstead too. I picked up a carton of that from DM for around $75 , really good price I reckon


I buy a grain kit and yeast , hops ECT for about $38 , it’s supposed to make 30 ltrs but realistically with dregs and wastage and sampling I could squeeze 22 ltrs tops. But I can’t be ■■■■■■ Bottling off maybe 2 tallies so a 19 Ltr keg is enough. I just do about a brew a month or maybe 2 months.
Nothing beats pouring off a cold beer you made at the end of a ■■■■ day.
Nothing. And I’m totally ok if I’m the only one who likes my beer.
I don’t even offer one now to anyone I know who isn’t into it. Just a waste of good beer


I am going to check with my source at sauce re this one!


Tried a few more last night.

La sirene- citray sour. Was disappointed by this, not a fan at all. The GF commented it tasted like a beer with a berocca in it. That’s pretty spot on.

Hop Nation - punch - mango gose. Loved it, not as good as stomping grounds but still very enjoyable.

Crankshaft pale ale - yep just a PA but very drinkable and a very good pale ale. One that I could drink all day.


@choppsuey I am told that Carwyn Cellars are definitely getting some and that sauce will be there for a tap takeover on the 9th of March BTW. I will try and drop in that day for a brew and to catch up with my mate.


Dropped into far side this afternoon. Pint of nail red.