The Beer Thread


Thought I’d start to check out some stout.


That looks interesting.


Yeah it’s pretty intense coffee flavor. I wonder if I will sleep tonight! It’s 10% abv. A kiwi brew.


I like an espresso martini. Looks like a beer version. Yum.


That looks magnif, mate. Went down well?


Still drinking it. Yes going down very well. If I can sleep tonight I will definitely revisit. I love coffee and used to drink a lot of it when I had an office near Lygon st. But these days I am ultra sensitive to caffeine and usually can’t sleep if I have some. It’s a huge bummer!


Same. I drink coffee in the morning/to early arvo, but nothing after 4-5ish, otherwise I can’t get any shuteye. Enjoy a good stout, especially in the cooler months. Kanpai!


The regular iStout is excellent if you didn’t want the coffee and lactose.


Thanks mate I’ll scope it out


Or to circumvent the caffeine issue, Robin could just drink morning beers. :wink:


A maple syrup barrel-aged imperial stout does wonders at Sunday brunch. Yum!


Yeah that’s my current plan :yum:


Come at me CBS!

no that you would!


I’m considering going to the Deeds Brewing launch takeover on Friday. They’ve got their site in Glen Iris and having a launch party at carwyn to celebrate. $5 tins of Juice Train plus a stack of taps!
Korban D will going into Melbourne outlets this week, keep an eye out your go to shops, I’m sure Purvis will get it in!

Launch is at Catfish in Thursday night so assume it’ll be on sale in stores from Friday.


Just joined.
Thanks for the heads up.


Chop chop should be getting a cut from them.


Not gonna lie, pretty ■■■■■■ they’re not doing referral links for this deal right now…:laughing:


Where are you getting those from and what are you brewing?

I’m trying to circulate some brews among those mates who might actually know what they’re drinking. Can be a bit of an echo chamber if you’re the only person drinking it but no point wasting it on people that haven’t got a clue what they’re drinking either.


I’m getting mine from pub brew shop in Brisbane (Capalaba) they are an Annex of Bacchus brewery. Miles from where I live, but I have a rapport with them, the main guy there knows his ■■■■. They are really helpful


This is the go. Pretty sure this is the Bible of brewing in general. You can get beer recipe / profile based on your kit. Makes it pretty hard to stuff it up