The Beer Thread


The POG combo must be a thing, I had a POG Berliner Weisse recently.


Yeah it is. Six String use it in their NEIPA.


I tried it a few weeks back. It was okay, maybe because my palate was completely slaughtered, along with the rest of me, that I didn’t really rate it too highly. Too sweet.


1st Craft Cartel subscription box arrived yesterday. ■■■■■■■ finally. EAD fastway.

Looking forward to some chewy malty goodness!


Good night for a beer or three:


Whilst waiting for the missing eggs I am into the pirate stout for a cleanser on the decking. It’s really good too.


Some adventurous choices there mate?


Actually they’re all in the right ball park for me, malty but not too hoppy and definitely no sourness or fruit. The Feral Smoked Porter is yummy, like a pint of guiness with a bacon sandwich.


Sweet kit!


Wolf of the Willows do a Johnny Smoked Porter which is pretty good.
Might be in your wheelhouse. Big fan of the Bridge Road Robust Porter also.


Smoked beers are the business.


Nomads is a ripping brewery in Sydney.


Is that German jez?


Yeah. Famous Rauch beer brewery from Bamberg, everything uses smoked malts. Pretty easy to get in Japan.


New Mountain Goat rare breed hits the shelves this week, another DIPA. This one made with wheat and maize and fermented with a lager yeast. Bit of an interesting combo, you’d think the lager yeast will make for a quite a crisp dry finish in a DIPA but that would hopefully be offset by the wheat addition. Lotta hops, looooooot of hops!
Clearly this will be no Korben D or Aftermath which for mine are probably the quinella for best IIPA from this country, but the Goat rare breed stuff is usually very good and worth a sample.
The long necks are always hand for a home brewer so I’ll probably sample twice if truth be told!


Akasha things…
A new IIPA featuring a rare farmhouse style Nordic yeast strain.


That’s a style I can’t get into. It’s weird, I love smoked meat but just can’t get my head around the beer version.


I’m gonna have one with Peking Duck for dinner. Thinking of dropping into that Hot Chicken project place down your way on Thursday before the footy, looks like they have a pretty good beer range.


They have a good beer range but the chicken is the money shot. For a better beer variety Big Ears next door has a large list. I haven’t eaten there though so not sure what the food is like.


About to get a Keg King to stabilise the temperature on mine, is it fine to run the power cords behind the seals of the door,I notice your thermostat runs out through the door, as I will need to add heating as well, we have massive fluctuations in temperature down here in Tas, 33 degrees last Saturday and Snow down to 800 metres tomorrow.

Or should I try to get the heat band wired through the back?