The Beer Thread


And it’s a ripper @choppsuey. Wonderful chocolate flavour with a nice bitter finish. Yum!


Bad Shepard passion fruit sour- love it.


Now trying the Akasha IPA, it’s really, really good. Can’t even really describe it properly. Really nice hops but the malt balances it so well, almost oily in the mouth.


OK…so…for the upcoming season I think I’m going to need a lot of beer and it will probably need to be strong.


Beer is always the answer.


■■■■ I love this beer!


Just took advantage of craft cartels offer of give $150 present and receive $150 voucher.

Anything anyone can recommend from this page?


Nothing there is want to buy a case of.


Think I’ll try the Korben D IIPA


This looks great.

Wonder how it compares with say a White Rabbit chocolate stout (if anyone has tried both)?


Just had an enjoyable late afternoon yak with my mate Katie and Mike from sauce brewery at carawyn cellars in Thornbury. Beers tried included the peach, ■■■■ weak, Belgian IPA, and the mega hops dipa. The latter was IMHO the best I think.


Drinking a Boatrocker stout right now and it’s really ■■■■■■ good. Will definitely go on regular rotation.


Just cracked this open. Founder’s Breakfast Stout. Feel a bit dirty seeing as though it’s nearly dinner time.


Their porter is a favourite of mine. Haven’t tried this one yet but i want to. Is it about $18???


This is the first of theirs that I’ve tried.

Very impressed. This was only $9. There was a $20 one but I can’t recall what it was (screaming kids make it hard to concentrate).


All-time fave. Magnificent beer which I believe is then the base for their KBS and CBS.


I thought they were still allowed to have the kid on the label?
There was a kerfuffle but last time I had it this was still the label.


Yeah that’s right. The KBS and CBS are the expensive ones. Founders make such great beer. That baby label is so creepy haha.


Really? I guess the beer is almost a sexual experience so I don’t want kids associated with that. :laughing:


Just had a Stomping Ground Laneway Lager - nothing to get excited about. It was hazy and had a bit of a lemon to it and generally just easy drinking.