The Beer Thread


Then I had Hop Nation The Damned Pilsner and loved it. Fresh and sharp, overall nice taste to it.


@choppsuey how big is that “■■■■” probe, I have one to pick up tomorrow and might be in luck with the fridge I am using as it has a drain hole at the bottom, will cut the heat band cord and rewire from behind. ( It’s all sounding so rude:joy:)
Hoping the probe will slip straight through.


My first Craft Cartel box finally turned up today.

I have to say that I’m a little excited.

I gave this session ale a go last night. Quite enjoyable. Edit: This wasn’t part of the CC delivery.


I’m a huge fan of the Philter beers!


I’ve been very happy with the couple that I’ve tried.


Wow! Everything I love in a red ale. Smooth, a little bit hoppy and a great malt finish.


Just picked one up and it still has this label.


Just back from the week away along the GOR. Kids ■■■■■■ my brewery tour plans… damned kids.
Got to Sow and Pigkets though for the Nitro Strawberry Stout, ■■■■ me it was good!

And we had a casualty while we were away. Near as I can tell some more fermentation in the bottle caused the explosion of 3 of my stouts. Alas I hardly new ye.

But in better news the Craft Cartel box arrived today so it’s nice to have a full fridge to come home to.


Any MCC members/attendees in here might be keen to know that Pirate Life (now they’re owned by Ab Inbev) are doing a brew specifically for the members. It’ll be called the “members ale” and comes in at 4.5%. So I guess a session ale. Imagine it’ll be pretty dumbed down but certainly better than any other offering in there.


Got my keg land thermostat controller tonight and nearly a week after giving up cigarettes needed to keep myself busy, so the drain hole was big enough for the probe which was good but obviously the wall plug is not going through that hole so a little splice, tin and join was in order.

Didn’t have any brown heat shrink

and some black to cover it all

First reading

The girl is in the box first time

Probe attached to the side and heat to the actual case we are worried about.

And there you go 30.3 degrees no good for pitching yeast so having a beer and posting this ready to go back to my regulated temperature, in control



Whilst I’m super impressed the electrician inside me says never, ever use green on the active wire!


Yes I know I ran out of colours and red or black was all I had left so maybe red would of been better, I tinned the wires and heat shrinked and then overlapped with the black heat shrink, it is all covered , and would really doubt someone would cut that particular wire in that spot in the future and go my god we found a ground it green [quote=“Klawdy, post:1214, topic:52, full:true”]
Whilst I’m super impressed the electrician inside me says never, ever use green on the active wire!



Was that 240v? Or was that after a transformer?

And for future reference (not that I’m saying do illegal electrical work), but the brown is the active so use red and blue neutral so use the black.


What’s in the keg?

Oh and with a fridge that size surely it’s obviously only a mater of time till you upgrade to a conical fermenter like a fermentasaurus?!


Have you found your way into the Prancing Pony India Red Ale yet? If you liked the Otherside then wait till you try the Pony!!!


Funny you should mention that. I’ve only just polished them off about an hour ago. Maaaaaate! I went from having a crap day to very happy in the space of 2 sensational beers.

Plus my next box arrived also. Good times.


Just doing kits atm, and its a Morgan IPA with a Master Malt extra pale ale, I am hoping to get to doing my own grains etc. I have a hop plant in the backyard as well.
Just finishing house renovations then will get more serious with the brewing, I have been watching some of yours and they look outstanding and sound delicious.

Hmm a fermentasaurus better start googling!


Conical fermenters are the ducks nuts. All the trubb settles to the very bottom of the conical shape after crash chilling creating an even clearer beer. Pressure transfer fermentasaurus then uses pressure to transfer from fermenter to keg or bottling vessel.


Just checked them out think I will do this, also do you recommend any kegs? Was looking at the ikegger think I am going to go this route as bottle washing,bottling etc is becoming a bit tedious.

Should you have two kegs if going this way?

I am installing a butlers kitchen/pantry and thinking about installing a tap with maybe a tray in there, the pipes would run directly to the cellar below where I would have the fridge/ keg etc.
what are your thoughts on a Tap system.

Thanks for your help!