The Beer Thread


You didn’t answer the question. What does beer taste like?


Not sure a Bolognese Triple NEIPA is gonna be setting the taps on fire even for the drunkest I’ll try anything once bloke at GABS.


They say Fools and their Money soon part too, sooo, … :thinking:


No, I’m saying the person who knows what they’re actually tasting has taste. Still waiting for an answer to that question.


If you ever have to drink Lights, I can highly recommend the James Boag version. Best I’ve tried.


No, definitely Cascade Draught I prefer it to Boags even though I hail from Burnie.


Bullshit, hahahaha I’m from Wynyard.


Likely related? :smirk:


I had an award winning scallop pie in Wynyard a couple of weeks ago. Left Tassie before I turned 1 in 1965 and returned for the first time this year.


You’ve got years on me mate. I lived there till I was 9, went back for the first time when I was 21 and then a second time last year which is another 16 years later. Really enjoyed the trip last year.


Probably not, I was conceived in Scotland. Mum was pregnant on the boat over. She hasn’t been a fan of sea travel since.

Anyway, back on topic, can actually get Cascade Draught delivered from Dan Murphy’s online.


Does she know what beer tastes like? Cause seems like old mate can’t answer my question…


No, she’s more of a Baileys Irish cream drinker.


Okay seeing as how @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS can’t answer the question I’ll answer it for him…
Beer tastes like the increadients contained within it. Beer is in fact only the end product of the fermentation of a wort that is made up of any number of ingredients. Traditionally malted barley, hops and of course yeast. Each of the ingredients plays a significant part in imparting flavour into the beer. However there are countless different varieties of all of these that will contribute different flavour characteristics. So anybody who says they like “beer that tastes like beer” has literally no idea what beer tastes likeX because there’s literally hundreds more flavour combinations for the above them VB (god love the green bullets) and they ALL taste like beer.



I only like cheese that tastes like cheese. That’s why I stick with Kraft singles.


I like meat that tastes like meat, my favourite is spam.


you have to brew beer to even talk about drinking beer.


Ive never got the scallop pie.

Why put a whole bunch of awesome scallops in a pie? Seems like such a waste.

A good pie should be great gravy and mystery meat.


There goes another one.