The Best 22 thread

I expect McGrath, Redman and the Martin/Kelly combo will take the three smalls.

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Not Heppell, but who’s Martin going to?

Ginnivan, Bruest, Watson. My guess would be whichever one is playing HFF. but they will try and bring hm to the pocket.

@Barnardlives lives!

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B: McGrath McKay Reid
HB: Redman Ridley Martin
C: Duursma Setterfield Durham
HF: Gresham Wright Perkins
F: Langford Draper (resting) Stringer

Foll: Goldy Parish Merrett

Inter: Hind Hobbs Menzie Caldwell - Tsatas/Cox/Shiel

So many if fit can get in…Jones, Caddy, Guelfi, Hepp, Lav, Balders.


It’s pretty tough to squeeze hepp in even if picking super conservatively. They’re is an appeal to the idea of a stretch of Bryan Hobbs and tsatas together in the vfl.


Reid McKay McGrath
Martin Rids Redman

Duursma parish durham
Goldy merrett setterfield

Perkins 2mp gresh
Stringer Langford menzie

Caldwell Kelly shiel draper - hind

Kelly plays as wing/7th defender.


Hepp hayes Lav
lual baldwin Cox

Rogers Hobbs Davey
Bryan tsatas hately*

? Weed guelfi
Caddy Jones davey


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I disagree with leaving Hepp out. As a left-footer and with his experience, and currently playing well, he should be there Rd 1, but I would name him on the bench.


Damn. Not a bad VFL lineup!


The experience point is a cop out, where on the field does Hep play where we lack experience ? Not sure I would be mentioning his left foot as a selling point either.

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I think he will play a fair chunk of the year…but is he best 22…probs not…probs in the top 26/27

Imagine keeping everyone on the park all year. That team wins the premiership

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Revised best 23 for rd1

Again I’m assuming Draper will be good to go

B: McGrath McKay Ridley
HB: Martin Reid Redman
C: Duursma Parish Durham
HF: Stringer Wright Gresham
F: Menzie Draper Langford
R: Goldstein Setterfield Merrett

B: Caldwell **Kelly Perkins Heppell
Sub: Hind/Guelfi

**Based on what I saw at intra Kelly & Tsatas prob fighting for that outside mid rotation spot off bench, I think they may defer to Kelly due to his defensive game but Tsatas could push past over the two practice matches. Would be great if he could do so. Was good in the intra

Both Hind & Guelfi had good moments as fwd options, either would make suitable sub with a view to Draper being subbed out late… But also allow flexibility if our subbing out plan doesn’t go to plan!


Need to see more of Baldwin against quality AFL level key forwards. It’s all well and good bossing Jones and Caddy in match sim.

Peter Wright seemed to have his number comfortably too.

As we get closer, see more training, read more assessments, the changes keep coming. It’s quite a dilemma. I feel sorry for the selection committee as they have to face the players and explain why they didn’t make the team. At least we only have to comment and hope they made the right decisions. So, for this week a few changes have been made and more to come, probably, after each practice match.
B: RIDLEY (195) McKAY 202 MCGRATH (180)
HB: REDMAN (187) REID (202) MARTIN (192)
F: GRESHAM (177) LANGFORD (192) MENZIE (180)
Foll: GOLDSTEIN (201) PARISH (180) MERRETT (179)
I/C: KELLY (190) HEPPELL (189) DRAPER (205) HIND (180)


Only difference I have is one of Caldwell, Hobbs or Tsatas for Laverde. You would want a runner as sub or Kelly as sub as he can play medium or small.

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Is the idea of bringing back AFL reserves completely dead? Maybe making lists a little bigger, extending the season by 3-4 games (Ken Hinkley recently said this extension was possible) to increase fairness, i.e. a bit closer to playing each team twice…?

Watching twos teams going head to head is very enticing - watching competing styles, competing futures - when it’s not impacted by all the state league weirdnesses (of compromised priorities, etc).

Ok side, but no point in having Laverde as sub.

The sub should be someone who is versatile and make an impact with fresh legs, instead of a one dimensional dour defender.


I chose Laverde as SUB as he can play Back and Forward if necessary. It’s more of a protection selection rather than as a last quarter flash like perhaps Hind or Guelfi.

Draper not in the 18???

no way Caldwell does not play

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Reid is needed for structure at the very least
He needs to be given game time to get confidence back in his body

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copilot needs some work