The Best of the Least

If Winderlich had a clean bill of health for 5-7 years straight he’d have been a multiple AA player, serious talent.


Hird, Lloyd, MJ, JJ, Lucas and Fletcher all played footy for us after Rioli retired.

I just took it as players who weren’t in the 2000 GF, but at closer look, you’re right, Rioli shouldn’t be in there.

I’m gonna edit.

B: Saad Hooker Carlisle
Hb: Hibberd Hurley Goddard
C: Lovett Watson B Stanton
Hf: Rioli Daniher Cupido
f: Walla Wright Davey
Foll: Ryder Merrett Parish
Int: Heppell, Stringer, McVeigh, Zaharakis

Emg: Hille, Welsh, Crameri,

This should be a club Awards night, where we can celebrate the mediocrity of the club.


“Boys, remember that home and away game we won after playing sh¡t the week before and copping it in the media? Good times”


"This is to celebrate that time… well, times, that we scraped into the finals and were humiliated in the Elimination final.

Three cheers for being rubbish!"


Sorry, I disagree with this.

Yep, the club is having the one of the least successful periods in its history. But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have some very good players pull on the jumper in that period. They should at least be celebrated.

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This idea appeals to me. The whole night has to be mediocre.

The live music will be a semi-decent cover band. It’s not so bad that anyone hates it, but nobody walks away going “gee, I’d like to see them again”.

The guest speakers are just semi-decent ex-premiership players. No Hird, no Watson - I’m thinking Chris Daniher and Peter Bradbury.


And most of these players will get life memberships. That’s their opportunity to be celebrated for their career.

Putting together a best 22 to celebrate the last 20 years is not the way to do it.

Seriously? That sounds a bit sulky to me.

I’d replace Cupido with Winderlich; make Nathan Lovett Murray the sub. McGrath stiff not to get a spot too. Ridley (best and fairest winner) over Carlisle

I feel a bit wrong putting Saad ahead of McGrath for Back pocket but meh, I dunno I just rated what Carlile achieved ahead of Ridley, and Carlisle was more 3rd KPB. Ridley only just over 50 games too 68 games versus Carlile 88 games, probably not that much in it.

minimum 100 games team interesting.
Out: Lovett, Hibberd, Carlisle, Saad, Cupido, Wright, Stringer, Crameri

Played 99+ games efc
B: McVeigh Hooker Welsh
Hb: McPhee Hurley Goddard
C: Winderelich Watson Stanton
Hf: Rioli (100) Daniher Zaharakis
f: Walla Ryder Davey (100)
Foll: Hille Merrett Parish
Int: **Heppell, Lovett-Murray , Hocking, Monfries

Emg: Baguley, Dyson, Dempsey, Bellchambers

200 games club since 05
McVeigh, Stanton, Zaharakis, Watson, Hooker, Heppell

since 2005 Geelong 200 game players
Longergan, Mooney, Ling, Abblett Jnr, Chapman, Steve Johnson, James Kelly, Joel Corey, Andrew Mackie, Harry Taylor, Jimmy Bartel,Tom Hawkins, Corey Enright, Joel Selwood, Mitch Duncan, Cam Guthrie, Mark Blicavs,


If McGrath, on what he’s done in his career to date, is either in or considered stiff to not be in the best 22 for the last 2 decades then that says a fair bit about how we’ve gone.

Yeah he won a rising star award early on but fark.

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McVeigh, Welsh and Baguely have McGrath well covered for defenders spot, and too many to mention for a midfield spot.

Yeh but gee I would rather MCGrath Defend peak Eddie betts than those other guys.

They let than eagles dude kick 11 Lecras.

I guess I just dont rate baguley, couldn’t even make my played 100 or more games team

McVeigh was selected originally (ahead of McGrath), and Welsh was a emergency MCGrath wasn’t so undue comments on 22. More pointing to the fact that Saad was a snake and McGrath loves the club, but can throw McVeigh and Welsh in the same boat, especially post Efc contributions.

Have we sacked Dodoro yet?


We could allways beat StKilda when they were top of the table. We really should have won a flag. :rofl:

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Haha that’s right! There was a period there where we would win as underdogs against them nearly every time. And always while playing that electric, slingshot style of play.

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He hasn’t played 200 games. He will no doubt, but given he debuted in 2015, I don’t think he has even played long enough to get there yet!