The Betting Thread

Put alittle on the dishlickers this morning Geelong race 1 no.2 super sedan paid $4.20 was favourite had 2 bananas on it.

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Do yourselves a favour for a quick buck pickup.

Northfield park trots
Something on merriman

Yonkers trots
Something on bartlett, gringas or brennan

Penn state gallops
Favourites :heart_eyes:

Golden Gate
Favourites or on speed before 1200m

Best of luck

Death riding this for the last quarter knowing you clicked from 4 rebounds to 5 for an extra.25c on the leg bet. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


That’s no good…

Tell me this got up???

Ha, nope Kevin Durant sat on 4 rebounds for pretty much the whole last quarter :face_vomiting:


Rosehill today

Race 6 #2 Riff Rocket
Race 7 #17 Veight
Race 8 #13 Hayasugi e/w
Race 10 #4 C’est Magique

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Nice work there swoop - not sure what happened to Hayasugi but I reckon something wasn’t right as it had a ■■■■ ton of late money for it.

Veight was brilliant - Backed Lady Laguna with a saver on Veight.

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Hayasugi nearly fell over coming out of the gate and JK nearly fell off her, then they nearly went into the rail. Disaster of a start.

Rapt to see Veight snare a Group 1.

Oh damn, I tuned in just after and had to stream on my phone no sound.
That sucks.

Storm boy. Wtf totally dejected from that ■■■■ ride.

Did you see Serpentine’s run?
Seriously impressive.
Led, headed, won comfortably.

Looked Gone with 400m to go.

Tough, tough, tough.

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Clarke really ■■■■■■ up that ride on Makarena.

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Conveniently boxed in at the right time wasn’t he… funny that.

Even more peculiar was how Olentia strolled right past the whole field after doing nothing as a short priced fave last start… and the one prior… and the one prior…

Horse racing seems so… legit

Rosehill Race 6 Razors should end the day with a tidy profit. Get on.

Geelong Race 8 Makalu $6.50 looks like a nice bet.
Should get through the heavy track ok.
10 mins until jump :muscle:

Gambling Companies - happy to have people lose their houses over gambling but can’t take it when it goes the other way.

I’m $4K up over the past 12 months and they’re having a sook.


Absolutely one of my biggest gripes with betting agencies and casinos.
If they happily take when the edge is in their advantage then it should be the same on the way back.
It’s also something iam surprised hasn’t been challenged in court under some sort of discrimination case.

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100% mate!

Most of them can get absolutely stuffed.
Sick of being promo banned, or fully banned just for taking some of their $$ for a change.

They never once stop you when you’re donating though.