The Blind Drunk Thread





This is where all my blitz meltdowns happen



Whiskey into red wine into champagne into beers into selling horses for a profit at the magic millions from Singapore makes sense.


This thread has serious potential


Finally, a blitz thread worth contributing to.


man, the drunk posts thread was fun back in the day.

i’m tipping it wouldn’t have aged well though…


a table of Blitzers shooting the breeze whilst the drinks flow freely

now that’d got to be dangerously fun


Did she walk up to you and ask you to dance


I thought about contributing to this thread, but I just don’t have the time to write my third book right now. Burp. :beers:


Nearly every Saturday night when I was 15, bottles of Brandivino and Stones Green Ginger Wine, in the old Grandstand at Raeburn Reserve in Pascoe Vale.

Think I had a good time, don’t remember too much. Wasn’t until I was 16 that we went to the Corner Hotel every Saturday night in Coburg and drank beer, and then staggered across the road to Coburg Town Hall to go to Swinger


Not serious unless Stones Mac


No Passion Pop?


Was it made in 1968 ? If it was I probably drank it.


Wise words indeed.


I’ve only been actually blackout drunk I reckon 4-5 times in my life. I normally spew before I get that far.

It generally takes people showing me about 10 photos before I believe any of it. I find it really disconcerting.


I have particularly enjoyed the rise of mobile based video technology, with sound.

There is no greater pleasure than watching and hearing your drunk-■■■■ self the following day…


Staggered home very, very late one night with unfinished business. The only booze in the house was a bottle of very expensive vintage Penfolds Grange Hermitage.

I necked the whole bottle, spewed it all up and went to sleep on the dunny floor.