The Blind Drunk Thread


Belongs in the Stupidest thing I’ve done thread??

Fkn Sacrilege. :no_mouth:


That’s an expensive nightcap


Will be joining you ■■■■■ soon.


When I was much younger and stupider I once “borrowed” a security guard’s golf cart (complete with flashing orange light on the roof) and drove it into Darling Harbour in Sydney. Just before the advent of mobile phone cameras unfortunately. I could have been a viral sensation. I remember it as sensational fun, but in reality it probably resembled Leo’s drive home from the country club in “Wolf of Wall Street”.

Good times.


In hindsight yeah, but we all know that bottle we save for special occasions doesn’t always stick around as long as we’d hoped.


Has WOB been back, or was it just a spontaneous sh*t-faced cameo?

What a friggin character.


Take it to @wimmera1’s “Drinking Bourbon with Blitzers” thread.


Can’t claim this personally, but when at uni a shitfaced mate once tipped a golf cart over with the security guards sitting inside it!


as long as there’s good banter


Fark that was a big night. Its fair to say I missed work


Well lads. I’m kicking off shortly so hopefully I’ll be able to make a contribution in about 8 hrs time*.

*If I’m not asleep on the couch.




I am here a Bomber friend is dying, single being free, 49 this year have to work tomorrow, chatting to random girls hoping to get a root.

Edit who hoo!!!


Who gets blind drunk on a Thursday night?

Says he who is jealous of those who of those who can get drunk on a Thursday night.


I am not dying just a bomber friend


Totally going to bed !


Bump. Have just spent many nights on getting the racecar ready for our state title this weekend. Enjoying a few beers

Fark carlton