The Blitzlow - 2018

It’s been a long long season, so time to show some love again.

How will the DJ King thread affect people’s votes? Will DJR win again? Will I actually be bothered counting the votes up this time? Such suspense!

5 votes - @Preliminary_Point2
4 - @Paul_Peos
3 - @premature_rookie_ele
2 - @Sameolds2010
1 - @Bomb_Doe

Honourable mentions: @Kira @Kj_11 @ivan @scotty21 @Henry_s_Angry_Pills


this is my shaun mckernan moment. getting a blitzlow vote after a long and not very spectacular career.

ps. can you PM your bank details again?


This is very difficult, and I don’t want to upset anyone because there are so very many wonderful posters here.

So what I’m going to do first is show my appreciation to posters for their contribution to a certain field.


And since it only allows 10 user mentions per post…


My votes (mostly for the people who make me laugh) go to,

5 - @Paul_Peos
4 - @dingus
3 - @Bomb_Doe
2 - @Heffsgirl
1 - @premature_rookie_ele

Honourable mentions to (yes, I know this is getting a bit much)…



5 - @Stallion ily <3
4 - @Heffsgirl
3 - @Bomb_Doe
2 - @bltn
1 - @Wanderlust


What a shock! :slight_smile:


Didnt we use to have a full category of awards one of them was best bromance?

Over 800 likes between eachother. We got this won!

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Recognition finally ANNOUNCED !

Means a heck of a lot :+1:


You would have been higher had I not been accused of going full sidebottom when i seagulled your ANNOUNCEMENTS

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5 - @Lefty

4 - @stumpy40

3 - @Hurley_s_left_boot

2 - @FootyPlus

1 - @Footy_Tragic


5 @DJR
4 @Riolio
3 @yaco55
2 @barry_day
1 @Humble_Minion

Honourable mentions


@bomber_girl gets 5x votes for anything and everything she posts.


@Reboot and I contending for Curmudgeon of the Year, if not Millennium.

And up there for top Pundits.


5 @cafegerat
4 @cafegerat
3 @cafegerat
2 @cafegerat
1 @cafegerat


5 - @Crazy_Bomber - is a multi thread condiment - of the spicy variety. Gives sheet and cops sheet.

4 - @DJR - deserves plaudits for his top shelf magoos work.

3 - @Diggers - inventor of the greatest thread on Blitz. 7 months old tomoz and almost 42,000 posts. Hectic!

2 - @Koala - for helping my family and I out when we flew in from Tokyo for a Bombers game. And for her involvement with the Club behind the scenes.

1 - @Catherine_Lio - a cracking & engaging Board Member.


Award music starts playing over the top of Wimm as his long ■■■ speech drags on, ‘I’d just like to say…all the people in the world today…God’s children…’

And the crowd be like:

‘Look, just take the ■■■■■■■■■■■■’ award and get the ■■■■ out!’ ‘Cause the credits be rollin’ and Wimm be up there goin’ ‘And I’d like to thank…’


Everyone is now thinking about how they rearrange their lists to fit KJ in after that beauty.


Too many good posters.


I want to see wimm and HAP co-host the awards.


5. @Speedy_Gonzales
In my eyes, no peer in the football discussion threads.
Feels like he’s taken on the Ivan role on the forum.
ie. multitude of posting in various threads, balanced views but always on the optimistic side.
He sells me hope (or is it delusion), and that’s where I like to live !

4. @BakerWasAStar
Been a big fan for a number of years.
Chronically under-rated.
His match review posts are the best in the business IMO.

3. @Paul_Peos
No one does sarcasm as well as this man, though many have tried.
Seems like a smart cookie.

2. a tie between 2 female Blitzers…
She is so passionate it comes thru in her posting.
We lost Nino a while back, but Lusty is doing an admirable job of replacing him in the Trade threads.
Thankfully, she is yet to go ‘Full Nino’ !
I cannot ignore her any longer in terms of recognition.
Her reply to @efc1robbo regarding a post directed to X :joy::rofl:
Her disgust towards all things Collingwood and in particular Sidearse.
The occasional ‘CANS’ references.
Funny stuff…

1. @scotty21
You know when you get home from work after a long day, turn the key to the front door, open up, and there he/she is your 4 legged friend wagging tail furiously, jumping up to greet you with unbridled enthusiasm ?
That’s how it feels with this guy.
He’s always here.
Always in the same mood.
It’s familiar.
It’s comforting.

  • Notable exclusion…
    Without checking my records, definitely would have featured in my Top 5 in previous years.
    Feels like he has been beaten into submission through years of mediocrity and the Saga.
    Posting volume and general optimism have diminished markedly.
    A shadow of his former self.

Also, did you guys know his name is NOT really Ivan ?
I feel betrayed !!!

Apologies to the many wonderful Blitzers I did not include.
This post is plenty long enough.