The Blitzlow 2023

Lets go!

Give your 3 2 1’s for Poster of the Year and a single vote Thread of the Year


3 @Stallion - ANNOUNCE Bromance
2 @nickers - Charity game doesn’t happen without him
1 @James98 for liking all my ■■■■


  1. Cucumbers
  1. @Bomb_Doe - My spirit animal/star sign. If anyone beats Doe to Blitz poster of the year, I don’t want to hear about it.
  2. @scotty21 - For being ‘My Man’. Very disappointed I missed out on the Bromance
  3. @Houli_Dooli - For always writing exactly what I was logging on to Blitz to write, therefore making me redundant

Thread: MAFS thread. @Koala @em2009 know what I’m talking about


3 Ivan. You just notice the posters you agree with.
2 Nackers. And anyone that gives any first person insight into training. Legends the lot of you.
1 the_don1 for insights into the draft and exceptional patience in answering the same questions asked 30 different ways.

Thread: Gaza thread is first to come to my mind. Such a shocking event and I valued the opportunity to process it with you lot.

Further shout-out goes to the podcasters among us. May you all get rich from sharing your random Essendon thoughts with us all. You should all be awarded life memberships for allowing us to completely avoid the dross that is mainstream media. It’s a hell of a community service you are providing. Long may the content continue!


3 - @Captain_Jack - Adds actual substance to the match threads - what would they be without his input? Is also pleasant and sensible (even if we don’t always agree) in almost every thread which you can never have too much of.

2 - @Paul_Peos - Gives me the laughs or cathartic doomerism that I badly need, when I need it.

1 - @j_w - A self-centered nom here, but has become my “guy who usually has already posted what I would have posted”, thus giving me more to time read rather than type. Cheers.

Thread: The Trade Thread 2023 - that first day of cucumbers was a Blitz moment I’ll never forget.

  1. @Benny40 nobody posts such quality so consistently

  2. @BakerWasAStar this is a football forum first and foremost, and no one on Blitz can analyse the game like BWAS

  3. Could go a few ways here, but I’m gonna shout out @wimmera1 for his bourbon-fueled wit often posted at a time friendly to my German timezone


3 @Finding_Nino posts got me through trade period.
2 @CJohns for training updates and podcasts and twitter
1 @Houli_Dooley for explaining we are 2 different people.

Thanks for the mention @Irons
applogies to the @THE_DON1 great draft coverage
also @yaco55 and @barry_day posts in pro cycling thread is good to keep abreast of whats happening. as a casual follower, that usually heats up during tour de france time.
Best Thread - 2023 trade talk
Worst Thread - The cucumber thread.


3 Votes - whoever fkd off the KFC sub-cretin.


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During my recent decade-long absence from blitz, I had a dream in which I met a cheeky Italian man with a beer in his hand at some kind of Essendon event. “You must be @Stallion,” I said. “No, I’m @Finding_Nino ,” he said. Nino then took me to the filthy stairwell of a multi-story carpark, where a bloke was passed out and messed up. “Here’s Stallion,” Nino said.

  1. @nackers training reports are why I frequent blitz, and simply put nobody does them better.

  2. @THE_DON1 I love the draft more than our regular seasons, has been the only way to enjoy our loosing seasons and garner excitement. Don does it best

  3. @Finding_Nino purely for comedy

The Draft thread is the winner for me (very tight second is the trade thread)

@Houli_Dooli special thanks for also hating the cucumber carry-on


3 @CJohns for sharing club insights despite the ungrateful toddlers
2 @nackers for the awesome training reports
1 @THE_DON1 for sharing the low down on all things draft

Best Thread - 2023 trade talk
Worst Thread - any thread including the terms ‘woke’ or ‘virtue signalling’

Special mention to @Riolio for keeping the lights on!


Shout-out also to @BomberMcVeigh for running the most awesome tipping competition From Long Range.

Massive effort, and greatly appreciated.


3 - @swoodley for having an award that’s named after him. And it’s not a good thing if you win it.

2 - @nackers for services to training reports.

1 - @Benny40 how 1 person can have such a vast knowledge of so many topics is beyond me.


You all suck

No votes


If you aint tipping beer on your head, you aint getting votes.


@westozziebomber gets 3 votes for being inclusive.

Everyone else can get stuffed!

I respect him for telling it like it is.

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He’s not wrong!

… and this is why we cannot have nice things.

I feel at home here.

Russia Invades Ukraine - just an amazing resource, I often read updates on this thread only to see it on the news 2 days later.
From Long Range - my favourite tipping comp ever
@Bacchusfox and anything to do with poker machines, I hardly ever agree with him but love his commitment and passion.


Didn’t realise bomberblitz had so many umpires to give votes.

Shouldn’t it really be the Blitzton medal?

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