The Blitzlow - Season 2017

Now the season is over and peak Blitz season has begun it’s time for this.

I am instituting a 5 - 1 system as I think three votes is insufficient given the ‘quality’ of posters here. 5 is worth the most, obviously. Provide reasons if you want, or you know, not.

I will tally the votes at the end of next week. The winner gets . . . nothing. Maybe pride, or perhaps deep deep shame at wasting so much time here?

5 - Peos
4 - Barnz
3 - Saladin
2 - Jackie Milocek
1 - WOB

Are you insane?

5 aceman
4 Saladin
3 Noonan
1 Wim

TBH, I reckon I could have had 15-20 in there. I actually like most of the posters on here because there is a good variety. Some are slightly more negative than positive (wim) others the other way (benfti)
Some too positive for my liking and it makes me sick that they choose to be so happy (IT) some too negative (me)

And if @riolio doesn’t win will he shut us down?

Oh and Bombermcveigh who does the FLR and that would be such a ■■■■ to do every year

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@theDJR unbackable favourite for the JJ Blitzton Trophy


5 votes for whoever went to the game last weekend.


I just want you to love me. Love meeee? IM NOT CRAZY YOURE CRAZY

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And just to clarify the rules, you can absolutely vote for yourself. As many times as you want. Fair’s fair

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Went missing in the second half.

Then again, Mercuri once got a BOG versus Sydney in forty minutes (before going off injured).


Why don’t we just make up fake awards for each other?

That could be fun.

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Very good. Let’s start with the SCarey award for making up awards


Daisy thomas got BOG after playing half an hour once in a game.

i think he had like 25+ possies and a bag of gaosl.

It’s just like the blitz version of the logies then.

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5 - @ivan - because I generally agree with everything he says
4 - @theDJR - VFL coverage is priceless
3 - @fogdog - for sharing the occasional inside word
2 - @westozziebomber - for bringing the passion
1 - @riolio - because the bloke that keeps this place going deserves a spot

Did you give @westozziebomber a vote just so you could keep your appendage?

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theDJR (without him there is no VFL)
Riolio (because he allows us to stay on here)

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I’m shallow, so per my likes given:

5 - @SplitRound (actually, I agree with this one. See, stats rule and explain everything.)
4 - @Riolio
3 - @dingus
1 - @barnz

(system clearly sucks, @saladin smacks most out of the park with his quality-over-quantity approach)


Most likes given:

5 - Stallion
4 - Riolio
3 - westozziebomber
2 - SplitRound
1 - Paul_Peos

special mention crazy_bomber

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I guess I play to a very specific audience


SplitRound extends his lead…

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