The Blitzlow - Season 2017

How’s do you access most likes given? I might have to change votes.

I click on the liked posts but it just shows most recent.

I’ll go with the “most likes” formula too:

5 @Riolio
4 @dingus
2 @westozziebomber
0.5 @Paul_Peos
0.5 @theDJR

I see your motivation, anyone who follows your VFL thread.

This is what my most liked list looks like:

  1. @theDJR

  2. @Riolio

  3. @Paul_Peos

  4. @Speedy_Gonzales


This method does favour quantity but the quality isn’t bad.

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Was about to ask the same but worked it out. Click the part with 3 bars up the top and click users. I was surprised at the results.

Through your profile?

i’m happy to take cash money in exchange for votes.

click your profile, then go to summary.

(5). bomber_girl
(4). Heffsgirl
(3). miss ellie
(2) . Koala
(1). Scorpio


This reminds me I need to finalise the Nobby Clarke voting!


My most liked:
Yaco 6
barnz, IT, Deckham and ants 5



Its to darn hard, a lot of good posters and while I like a lot of some, some don’t post as much but when they do if I could give 20 likes to one post I would lol.
But 5 votes would have to go to DJR for his incredible work with the VFL matches, it is very much appreciated.

3 Likes and scroll down to “Most Liked”

Likes list =

Scorpio 44

bigallan 38

StabbytheRabbit 32

SplitRound 27

pbomber 27


Hmm. Very surprised W1 was not on that list of likes.

Well based on my Most liked it looks like:


Having said that my first thoughs were Ivan and Aceman, plus I reckon Saladin gets a run for quality…so I’m going with


Yeah is there a quick tabulation of this or do you just have to do the leg work?

Go on your own profile

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5 - Peos
4 - DJR
3 - Heffsgirl
2 - WoB
1 - Stallion

My most liked are somewhat different to my votes (though Peos and WOB still make an appearance). I’m sticking with my original votes though!

Going on the most likes formula.

5 @Paul_Peos - for the quips
4 @barnz - for the Conor love
3 @theDJR - for the vfl
2 @Henry_s_Angry_Pills - for the debate
1 @westozziebomber - hilarity, insight and heart in equal measure

@saladin needs to post more

@Riolio by all rights should win this easily

Also @redbull deserves a mention for running the nobby every year not to mention bbfl2 and
@bombermcveigh for flr