The Blitzlow - Season 2021

Another season spent inside creating “quality”content.

5 votes through 1, with 5 being the good one, obviously.

Extra awards / commendations welcome as always:

5 - @scotty21 - standout season, or should I say STANDOUT SEASON THE TIGER ARMY WONT LIKE THAT ONE BIT DARCE
4 - @Drapersmullet - super intelligent and takes no sh.t from anyone, I dig that
3 - @Glu - another standout year of posting impeccably logical content and being immeasurably patient
2 - @Lefty - for forever hoping that straight sets is going to happen.
1 - @westozziebomber - for outstanding football and meat related content

Special award - Thread of the year - undoubtedly the Olympics thread. Hilarious and the coverage of obscure sports was brilliant. Loved every second.

Your turn. Who will join previous winners such as DJR (who counts the votes - surprise surprise) and last year’s super ironic winner Nino (he won didn’t he? I lost interest towards the end…) - edit, it was actually @nackers that won - my apologies!

Thanks to everyone who makes this place a good joint to waste time, particularly over the last few years when people have been struggling with not doing their normal social activities. I know I appreciate people’s good humour, robust discussion and kindness when the chips have been down and I’m sure I’m not the only one. You’re good eggs


5 - @nackers them training reports!

4 - @nickers forum charity game wouldn’t work without his help

3 - @theDJR timelord of the watchalongs and running them when I got dicked by work

2 - @Stallion gotta look after my boo

1 - @brem06 MVP of the Olympic thread

Thread of the year: Without a doubt the Olympics Thread

Post of the year: @Bomb_Doe photo shopping Kim Jong Un onto Hodge’s lite n easy ad. Legit spat out my weeties


Im voting for @Hot_Ganipganaps. So there!

The Olympics thread was just amazing. Dare I say the best Olympics thread ever


It was extraordinary how it morphed from “who the ■■■■ cares about the Olympics” to “■■■■ yes Olympics!” so quickly


I think the timezone and lockdown played a huge part on the popularity of it this time round


anyone in the cooking thread gets a vote from me

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and Ivan for turning every thread into a best 22 discussion


5 ANNOUNCE @scotty21 Consistent all year, stood up in the big moments. Clutch performer.
4 @nackers Puts in a lot of work on the training track and delivers week to week.
3 @theDJR Just continues to excel, year in, year out. Just when you think he’s gone, he comes back. Like a boomerang. Or something.
2 @redbull Plenty of interaction between us, and gives me a good laugh on the regular.
1 @westozziebomber Blitz wouldn’t be Blitz without WOB, and you all know it.

Thread of year: Olympics thread. Haven’t laughed so hard so regularly in a long time.


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5 - @THE_DON1 for the enormous amount of work he puts into draftee profiling & answering endless Qs (mainly from myself). Have also had the pleasure of kicking a footy around with him in the forum games - the man can play!

4 - @nackers kinda goes without saying. Training reports are internet gold, especially during lockdowns. Also one of the loveliest Blitzers I’ve had the fortune of meeting (another forum footy pal!).

3 - @scotty21 Forum footy organiser, 2MP manifester and all round cracking bloke.

2 - @westozziebomber for so perfectly highlighting the passion and frustration of an obsessed Bomber fan each week, dishing up some absolute pearlers along the way.

1 - @saladin for making sense of everything in this absolute asylum (at times) of a forum. One of the more articulate, insightful posters on Blitz.

Shout outs also to @Saucy & @Henry_s_Angry_Pills for some top shelf satire, along with news-breakers @Wanderlust & @Speedy_Gonzales for always being first on the scene with the Bomber goss. :+1:t2:


All threads lead to the best 22. It is known.

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You should have to name the best 22 threads and best 22 posters

5 - @Bessie. Our shared love of all things Hooksy is a thing of beauty.
4 - @Hoffy. How you manage your own life/work plus the Covid thread is beyond me.
3 - @Koala. Just a deadset non judgemental (well you might be but you don’t put it in writing) ripper of a person.
2 - @Heffsgirl. Canberra correspondent and speaker of common sense.
1 - @em2009. For contributions to the cooking thread, covid thread and an epic @swoodley take down.

Honourable mentions to @bigallan, @miss_ellie and @Wanderlust.


What about if they don’t cook meat?

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The Olympics thread was one of those ones that only comes along every 5 years or do.

  • How many goal
  • Caddy thread
  • why is the game played on ANZAC Day

And so on



Special award: Sustained excellence in Worsfold hatred: @efc1robbo (special commendation @wimmera1 )


At first glance I thought this said “Stop the ■■■■!”

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I don’t know I have sort of forgotten about it already, hardly will be worthy in future reference