The Bomberblitz Think Tank

I Blitz, therefore I am.

Careful, reckon some posters on here may drown.

Blitz and Pieces.

Ignorance is Blitz!

That may have been me, but I borrowed it from the name of the EFC Social Clubs Night Club, which was the best name of any venue of the 80’s.

Many good times there.

I must admit I borrowed ■■■■ Pit from someone’s recommendation for the ‘active area’ at home games.

Get a giggle just saying it.

The ■■■■ Pit

The wimmera1 ■■■■ Pit, in tribute to the great man’s universal putdown.

But “Ignorance is Blitz” is the most appropriate. Some people on the forum should be the happiest people in creation.

The ■■■■ Pit

It’s not really anything thus why it’s in this forum. We’re not quite serious enough to get away with a think tank. We can hardly agree where it’s best to play Tippa.

I can dream though.

Hey @Soulnet others have hinted at this and I thought it too but decided to dive in headfirst instead of ask:

What, why, when and how is a Blitz Think Tank?

But then again, by not asking I was being true to my first idea (see under OP).


Puerile Uttering Neanderthal Syndicate

Why is BomberBlitz thinking of tanking ?

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I assume from that that you’re not clever enough to think of good puns, or have not had the punning equivalent of a standing ovation (the collective groan) that I received the other day in the coffee shop when the owner’s mother, Lorraine, moved across to sit with her daughter.

After some comment about my sight, I hit them with “I can see clearly now Lorraine is gone”.


I can understand how it grinds some people.

We should have a restriction of about 5. Usually the first five are fairly clever. Subsequent ones are frequently lame enough to need prosthetic legs.

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Blitz Think Tank - Tanking Tought since we can’t remember when

The Think Panzer.

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Looks arrogant