The Bushfires Thread

Strikes me as strange we don’t have a thread for these given they happen so frequently.

Anyway, today there’s a big one up Hepburn way.

And its source is, um, rather interesting…

“Lightning Strike” eh?

His meth Lab went up, didn’t it?


This is a sign. I’m loading up on us for the flag.


Reading that article, … the CFA people that left the initial strike /fire scene “smouldering for days”, should be drawn and quatrered. That’s one of the very first things you learn in the CFA, … you never do that.

Walls making it all about himself. Quality paper, The Rage.

If it struck Fark Carlton’s wooden spoon collection it would burn for weeks.


Ironically when everyone else was tipping a scorching hot day today, Walls was tipping snow.


It’s an endurance exercise now. Volunteer crews will start to use up their leave allowances. Forestry crews start to hit their fatigue management limit. Resourcing campaign fires in mid Feb gets tough.

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Have you volunteered before Ben? Kudos if so

The main error in the article was that it described him as an ‘AFL great’. Surely one of those subbies they sacked would have picked that error up

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From memory benny is MFB… or am I thinking of someone else

Well respect to him if he is.

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Thanks. It’s something I prefer to underplay, but considering the thread I thought I’d add some flavour.

There’s some absolutely fascinating advances in recent years. Lightning strike mapping, allowing forest firefighters investigating each strike. Live mapping of fire fronts from aircraft linked through to web accessible maps. Large jet aircraft following light spotter planes to drop retardant lines from low altitude. Night time helicopter operations to water bomb after dark. Crew protection sprays and reflective shelters on nearly all vehicles. Hand held thermal cameras are now common, allowing smouldering spots to be found. Even the information provided to the community has drastically improved, it’s now top of mind for crews first on scene. A truck can organise a community warning or advice from the incident scene quickly and easily.


CFA vol. Urban volunteer brigade working closely with neighboring staffed brigades.



Who was I thinking of, there was a blitzer who was MFB… they had a good story about discovering a fully kitted out gimpchamber in a stock standard suburban house fire

I’m supposed to go out and do advisory signage for smoke, ash and the like if we get anything but we’ve had nothing thankfully, even if we’ve gone above high fire danger level.
I hope we get nothing serious. The tassie press will make a mockery of it;



Shouldn’t the headline be ‘God Missed!’


@Mex is a firey in Brisbane, I think.

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I am. The gimp chamber ( or as I like to call it, “my new office”) was in New Farm.

Certainly see some interesting sites in this job

Edit: Sir James was/is MFB I believe


Leave allowance ?

My two guys in CFA get time off on full pay from us.

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