The CJohns, Grant and Simon Madden Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Show

A Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast first tonight. Instead of a guest spot we just had Simon Madden in for the whole show talking all things Essendon. Always good for a laugh and chat with the Great 27. You can now listen to the show. Was crazy fun!!!


ITunes link

So it is all our fault. Fantastic insight :wink:

Lol a lot of tongue in cheek with Simon

Really enjoyed it. Listen each week. Feedback is see what you can do to improve the sound quality or volume of be person on the phone. Other than that, love the work you are doing.

Yeh last night we just couldn’t get a perfect connection from phone audio. Had to go with it in the end as the content was still the driver. Thanks for listening and kind words.

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Great work Scott.
Simon is a true giant of our club.

Yep :+1:

Hird podcast next week?

We are trying. He definitely said he would but since then he has been crazy busy… as you could tell by his own podcast. We are not putting pressure on and just being patient.