The Comedy Thread


“This segment of the conversation would absolutely cause heads to explode here in this country.”

“Why, because they would be shot?”


I was expecting another light little ‘ha-ha-ha, look how Beiber and Putin’s PR is the same, and look at this art…oh, it is to laugh.’

Good, though.


Yeah, that’s where I turned off.
Too much cringe for me.


Though its a not-uncommon view, I have never understood people who don’t like ‘cringe’ comedy. Comedy is awkwardness. That’s literally what comedy is.

For me, people who say they like comedy but not cringe comedy is like saying you don’t like good comedy. But I recognise I might be alone in that view.

Regardless, I don’t think that clip is cringe. Fawlty Towers is cringe. The Office is cringe. That clip is challenging, and thought provoking, but not cringe I don’t think


Perhaps cringe is the wrong word.
I don’t find the idea of a child shooting themselves dead, funny.
I get what it’s going for, but that was the limit for me.
If it was stand-up rather than character-based I’d have a very different reaction.


I get that.

The reason I posted that quote was that it summed up a lot of this debate for me. Adults making decisions where the kids are the ones who bear the consequences, like Sandy Hook.


I’m not criticising the post or the video at all.
Nothing wrong with it.
Just trying to explain why it doesn’t work for me.


I know. :grinning:


Look each to their own really, and I respect that.

The comment you raise is interesting. There’s a difference between the target and the subject of a joke. Child shootings are the subject of the joke. They’re not the target. The ignorance and stupidity of those who would advocate for children to have weapons is the target. It’s a subtle but important difference.

I don’t think there’s anything you can’t joke about as a subject.

I think you should actually watch the whole thing because it’s very good. But not all of it is funny. Some of it is intended to be shocking and thought provoking, very similar to the Gadbsy performance that you liked.


The difference there is that Gadsby is speaking from her own personal experience.
There is something very human and engaging about that.

Edit: Again, I can tell you the difference between a baby and a bowling ball all day. It’s not the subject matter, it’s the fact that it’s character-based.
We’re expected to suspend belief as far as believing this is a real person. We know it’s not. We know it’s Cohen taking the ■■■■ out of Republicans, but the set-up relies on us at least buying a little into the character.
So it makes his stories ‘real’ as absurd as they obviously are.


Warning: The ‘C’ word ahead.

I reckon this is very funny but more importantly, as Stew points out, I agreed the ■■■■ out of it.


Anyone heading to the comedy festival this year?


Going to see Venezuelan Ivan and Tom Walker on Friday night.
And Justin Hamilton later.

Edit: I see Ron Funches is in town. I’ll pop in and see him if there are tickets available while I’m out.


Want to see Tom Walker too.
Maybe Nick Capper. Straaaange unit.


Dane Simpson last year was very funny.

Got to see Ursula Carlson again, she’s very good.

Is it just me or are there much more female comedians this year compared to prior years?


Danny Bhoy tonight. A few others over the journey. A much needed comedy break.


Oh he is brilliant. I didnt know he was in town, he wasn’t on the website


Tim Vine is in town again, so Mrs Peos will kill me if we miss that.

I really wanted to see James Acaster, but he sold out weeks ago. Boy, a good Netflix special will do wonders for your career.


Ivan was okay.
Although I think he’s still coming to terms with the larger audience he attracts these days.

Tom Walker was unbelievably good. I can’t reccomend him highly enough.
Small venue, maybe 70 seat capacity (and the couch seating is so luxurious).
If you’re not into the whole audience participation thing then don’t sit in the front row.
Security advised us the path to take out of the venue if we wished to walk out. That’s always encouraging.

I’m considering going again.


Steve Amos was better last year.
Still ok, but not great.