The Comedy Thread


Saw Wide World of Wogs. Was ok, good to see some local guys. Had 2 Greeks, an Italian and an African (maybe Sicilian?). They sounded a bit nervous but overall not too bad. I dont mind seeing these kind of shows, hopefully helps them out a bit as long as they dont pick up on the fake laughs you give here and there. Overall would recommend but lower your expectations, by a fair bit.


I must have missed Brockmire season 2. Amanda Peet was still in itwhen I last saw it.


Was walking past Coopers Inn & for $20 saw the Bonanza of Comedy Show
with 3 various artists with compere
■■■■■■ cheap & funny night


Thanks Wim for a great recommendation: Tom Walker - about 80% of it is a mime show. ■■■■■■ excellent, 8.5/10 (although there were a few of walk outs, so maybe not everyone’s cup of tea)


Going to see Titus O’Reilly next week. Reckon my wife will kill me


Saw the Best of Edinburgh Show
3 very funny boys


Do people need to be told this?


Especially so for Tom Walker.
You can sit in the front row for most comedians and the most you’ll get is ‘what’s your name, where are you from, what do you do, is this your girlfriend, why are you wearing those stupid pants?’


I saw the Comedy Festival show on the ABC on Sunday.

Why couldn’t someone funny host the show, like Tom Gleeson.

It seems that if you’re not one of the LGBTIQA+ brigade, you’re not funny.




Just while her name is listed there… Becky Lucas is farkin funny.


I was alluding to the show last Sunday, which was hosted by a very large NZ-Seth African lady wearing comfortable shoes, Urzila something. No sight of Tom Gleeson.


She’s funny.
I don’t think she trades on being a lesbian, or makes it her whole act like some do.


Saw Jude Perl last night - incredibly clever and talented. Well worth a look. A combo of cabaret, game shows and stand-up.

Also saw Josh Glanc (pronounced glance) who is a bit of an oddball and v funny if random, totally off the wall comedy is your thing.


Saw James Acaster last night.

terrific show.


Speaking of which, Hannah Gadsby is atrocious. It’s a shame, I thought some of the stuff she did on that Adam Hills show years ago was decent.



He’s close to my favourite going around atm.


Titus O’Rielly was ok. Funny, probably wouldn’t take the missus though


got a lucky last minute hook up with tickets, if you can get to it, i recommend.


He’s been sold out for months, I believe.