The Comedy Thread

good thread.

Reboot (I think??) posted this a few months back. It still cracks me up:


The whole audience into the show.

Some funny, funny material.

1 more from Arj Barker that always makes me laugh…

If and when I find Rich Hall’s song about Sunshine, I’ll post it.

Also, when on a flight to the US in 2000, on the inflight comedy radio station there was a Rodney Dangerfield bit about ‘getting directions’.

I was ROFL, mainly because of his brilliant delivery of the material.

I know, stretching it, but I found this hysterical…

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Great thread, but If someone in here post a video of Rodney Rude or Kevin ■■■■■■ Wilson it will break the internet.

Dangerfield is right up there. Awful awful stuff.

Good call on Gaffigan, He's strangely funny. 


Yeah, comedians with guitars don't usually make laughs, but I like this guy. Its a slow burn of a a song.



And, more Bill Burr. just because:

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Dane Cook
Some of his stuff is annoying, but this one always makes me laugh.


Nine minutes of the least funny stuff I've ever heard.

Yeah of the clips I've watched from this thread, I reckon 75% I'd be disappointed if I saw live at one of those $10-for-5-acts-you've-never-heard-of-and-one-club-act comedy festival showcases.



And the thread needs way more Stanhope...