The concert and gig thread

Tour and new album announcement later today Australian time. Tour is November. Think single available today also.

Edit: or it might be tomorrow our time. Either way an announcement is imminent.

November dates that were leaked, obviously waiting for confirmation.

Now I have heard it all. 70% of swift concert goers are Millennial women who treat her concerts as they do events like the Grand Final, Aussie Open, Grand Prix, Spring Carnival etc

If you don’t go and check into your Instagram to prove you were there, sipping your wine, then you haven’t kept up with the Jones’

It’s laughable. As Cedric Bixler Zavala said at the Sydney 2001 BDO…….”baaaaa baaaaa baaaaa”

I don’t own any Taylor Swift albums or am much of a fan. But I’m not her market.

Interestingly there is a whole other gender to mine and age groups that exist that also have a taste in music and their own opinions, plenty seem to love her.

Selling out the MCG how many times? That’s an amazing achievement for any entertainer. And to a lot of people that’s what music really is, entertainment.


Living with a swiftie, it’s a cult.

I just hope that the concerts go welll, or there will be some big let down.

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yeah I got the sms (in ten club) but I didn’t know about a tour. New Album is called Dark Matter, will be available this arvo I am guessing on streaming services(not sure how they release) but certainly to buy you would think.

Pearl Jam Marvel Stadium November 16th

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Are we expecting the tour announcement too?

Waiting for the email to drop.

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Is there some ten club within ten club or am i missing some subscription?

I only got news of an album today from the band.

I’ve been in Ten Club since 98 so you’re not missing anything.

Just some information that’s coming out

When do tickets go on sale?

Bit disappointed they are all stadium/outdoor gigs.

Multiple arena shows would have been better. I guess landing a ticket might be easier

TEN Club presale is on now to register.

TEN Club tickets will be issued based on seniority.

Pixies will be supporting the Australian/NZ leg of the tour.

I can’t get excited about this.

I’ve seen them probably 10 times. 3 times on their 95 tour.

I’ve seen them at this venue.

Unless the new album is a belter I’ll probably pass.