The concert and gig thread

I got some of those loops ones that are advertised all over the webs. Prefer them to the foam ones, as the foam ones seem to randomly cut frequencies. But really they’re just like putting your noise isolating earbuds in.

Obviously the pro ones would be ideal but I don’t have the money for that.

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How do those loop ones work? Worth the money?

Basically the same as your typical in ear wireless headphones (if turned off) as far as I can tell. I wouldn’t pay full price but at a discount they’re ok I reckon (I paid about 20 on Amazon). I find it really hard to judge though. Have only worn them to a couple of shows. They are definitely better than foam ones. For the support act on Wednesday I thought the sound wasn’t great, and was a bit muddy, but then my mate mentioned how bad the sound was, and he wasn’t wearing earplugs. For the main act I was a bit unsure at the start, but at the end was happy with them. I’ve not really ever worn earplugs and always find it hard because of the slight disconnection that I feel when I initially put them in. (Especially the crowd noise reduction), but I was relatively happy with these.

It’s worth noting that I had the middle level ones, but apparently they have both stronger and weaker ones. I might get some of the weaker ones and give them a go to see if that’s the sweet spot for taking the edge off, but for pretty loud music the ones I had were pretty good


Its’ a musical, sort of gig.
Went to Groundhog day the musical at the Princess Theatre.
With Tim Minchin’s hands all over the story, this was very entertaining.


I was there today too!


They were very good. They’ve performed better in the past but considering where Josh has been last few years they were very good. But I’m an unabashed fan of theirs!!

Got my Buzzcocks tickets, and off to see Cambodian Space Project.


Yes I know I’m old but geez The Angels and Cheap Trick were good tonight at the Palais.

The 3 guitar minimum on stage, is just a magnificent sound.


It is 50 years ago this year that I first saw Doc Neeson play in Adelaide and I think Angels were formed not long after. Who could forgot singing “Am I ever gonna see her face again” at a pub in Melbourne in the mid 1970s.

The current lineup, should be called the Brewster ! How did they sound, still that original feel ?


Where was that?

Larges Pier?

Could have been, it that just up from Port Adelaide ?

Had friends who lived in North Adelaide and they would take us to pubs nearly every night. Some really great music in Adelaide back then, Jimmy Barnes, Don Walker, Ian Moss, Bob Scott to name just a few. One of my favourites was the U-Bombs !

ive bought specialist ones for music before. wore them a bit and they were good. but I reckon just having a few set of foamies. dirt cheap.

these are what I bought the first time when they first came out, at the time they were the only non custom earplugs I could find that were maybe a step up from foam plugs:

  1. basically foamies: a dollar or two. check the bar at the venue.
  2. specialist: a bit more moulded: 30-100 - check amazon.
  3. custom jobs: 300 dollars - check a specialist online or in your capital city.

thats what you will pay. if 300 dollars isn’t a lot for you(2 big concerts these days?) and you go to a lot of loud music shows then they might be worth it. because the sound wont be muffled it will just be dialled down.

IMHO option 1 and 2 both muffle. and I have no experience with option 3. thinking about it like you though.

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Thank you. Went to the Machine Head/Fear Factory show with cheap foamies. Had em in for a while but left em out for the entire Machine Head set. The foamies were too muffled for my liking.
I might invest in the “loops” for next show I go to.

Heres a guide. The expensive option look like they sponsor the page(offer a discount code)

But otherwise its probably reasonably balanced.

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Nice one, heading to Ballarat to see Cheap Trick Saturday (Red hot summer), couldnt make last night.

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Definitely the Brewster show as a son was also on guitar.

The original sound was there. Dave Gleeson is no longer on vocals it is the old drummer Nick Norton who has moved to vocals.

They have aged, but the guitar sound was sensational.

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So are you ever gonna see their faces again?

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Cheap Trick unlikely, Angels - maybe.

Just wander over to the mixing desk and ask them to turn it down a bit.


So are these Pamdemonium gigs happening? I don’t know anyone going, and haven’t seen many more ads.

I was actually just hoping to see a DK side gig.