The concert and gig thread

Been cancelled, I’m pretty sure. Some mates of mine who are pretty plugged to that sort of thing were completely unsurprised, promoter is dodgy as fk apparently.

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It seemed too weird to be true.

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Splendour In The Grass now kaput as well!!

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Still going ahead apparently, albeit with a few changes.

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Hmm, article today with the organisers claiming it’s still on, ‘with alterations’, to be announced in a couple of days.

Wouldn’t be spending he big bucks in a ticket right now regardless…

Edit: beat me to it!

If it goes ahead, this festival will going down as one of the weirdest ever. I mean, from the jarring mix of artists, to the offbeat venue choices, to the exorbitant ticket prices — bizarre doesn’t do it justice.


Venue-wise, Caribbean Gardens has been hosting a couple of festival each summer for some years now. Cheaper to book than Showgrounds I guess. This is just the first one I can remember that had big-name international acts, so it got more attention.

Weird lineups do seem standard though. Hello Sunshine was held there a month back, and the headliners were Grinspoon, the Veronicas, and the Wiggles.


That’s just Caribbean gardens maintaining its diversity from the market days :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

“Deep Purple, Wolfmother, Dead Kennedys and Cosmic Psychos do not have the festival linked on their websites. None have commented on this publicly.“

That’s about 1/3 of the artists

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As a fan of Deep Purple living in the South East, I was tempted to buy tickets. I’m very happy I didn’t given this news.

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Intermission at tedeschi trucks ……. Holy ■■■■ they’re tight
Derek, easily best guitarist I’ve ever witnessed!


That Pandemonium Festival sounds like an absolute farking shambles. Anyone’d be well advised to steer clear. Who knows what acts you’ll end up seeing. I’m starting to be reminded of Mick Molloy at the end of The Late Show.

“Deep Purple? I thought you said The Turtles”.

“Wolfmother? Hmm… slight problem…I’m sure you said Mother Goose”.


yah there could well be angry disappointed punters and the vibe might go south fast.

Or the time on neighbours where Toadie thought he’d booked Powderfinger to play at the Lassiters pub, only to have a keyboardist named ‘The Power Finger’ show up.


Tedeschi Trucks Band played at the Palais, St. Kilda, last night. Sensational ! Best band ever.

Sydneysiders - they’re playing up your way Friday and Saturday - don’t miss them (if you can score tickets, that is). Otherwise head off to Byron for the Blues Festival, where they’re headlining.


Elvis Costello and the Imposters were on tonight at the Palais. He was in sensational form, a very good gig. They played for 2.5 hours straight.


Good to hear. Think I read somewhere that the Sydney gig was a real disappointment!?

The ABBA/KISS mashup is gonna be :fire:

In the world of “I didn’t have this on my Bingo Card”. ABBA founder Bjorn Ulvaeus has purchased the musical catalogue, name and image likeness of US rock band KISS for $US300 million with plans to create a movie series and a touring hologram show.

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If you were after a ‘greatest hits’ gig, you would have left dissappointed. He no longer sings Oliver’s Army due to the lyrics. His version of detectives, was very jazz inspired and great musically, but if you wanted the radio version - nope.
I’ve been regularly seeing him for over 25 years and it was a good gig, if you knew his work.