The concert and gig thread

Risky time of year for an outdoor concert in Melbourne. Could be ■■■■■■■ down.

Play a Test in Sydney.
Problem solved.


For any of you Gurge fans looking for a road trip

A couple of shots from the Gurge gig -they are a great band!!


I passed this song over to a good mate who sings in a band called A Prcoess of back in 2003 and he’s going to see them this month.

As someone who lost a sibling very young and has always had the thought of death plague them, the lyrical content and accompanying melodies of this song are magnificent


It only rains on Saturdays that time of year, ask any cricketer


Went back and had a good listen to their entire back catalogue recently.

Needless to say I like their old stuff better than their new stuff.

Their 1st 2 EP’s and 1st 2 Albums were amazing but they had a pretty sharp fall off after that IMO.

Have some good songs on each album but strange that being Ben & Quan could write as incredibly as they can that’s quite a lot of stuff became pretty ■■■■ in comparison.

Such great blokes, was lucky enough to spend some time with them in Brizzy 2 decades ago as their keyboard player lived with friends

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Each to their own. I really like the new album as well as some of their older material. Have to say they were great onstage Sunday night - did not get one complaint out of 350 pax.

Went to the elephant tracks winding up gig last night. 3hr set from all the names you’d expect, Hermitude, herd, earthboy etc. really really good

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