The concert and gig thread


James Reyne plays Crawl, Oils and The Stems within 6 days. Good week.


This is something I will remeeeeeember
This is something I will remeeeeeember

Had an awesome night at the music bowl. Seated row N i think, which has the walkway between the two seated sections in front of it. WOW. Oils have been my favourite band for as long as I have enjoyed music and they were incredible. Did not miss a beat. Their voices have not faded like many old rockers and they were still as energetic as ever.

The whole show was absolutely incredible. I saw many well known faces in the crowd highlighting the Oils status in Australia, there are not many bigger local acts (Mark Stevens, Asher Keddie (who I sat in front of - she and her friends just laughed the entire night except for during the 3 or so songs they actually knew), Toby Nankervis, Michael Rowland etc).

I lost my voice but it was so worth it. The oils sound was electric and they started with a bang with Read about it and Don’t wanna be the one. After this it was an amazing journey with an amazing high octane finish, fast paced, energetic and with Oils power, belying the idea rock bands of their era a just collecting a pension.

The highlights for me were No Time for Games (I really wanted to hear this one on the night, one of my all time favourites), Don’t Wanna be the one, Hercules (2 unbelievably great songs!), When the Generals talk, Bus to Bondi (Wow) and Kosciusko as well as a few of my personal favourites from Diesel and Dust - Warakurna and Dreamworld.

The usual hits were smashed out in a way that will stay with me for a long time. As mentioned previously, Peter hasn’t changed although I did find it a little different listening to him post Politics, as he often sings about it’s broken system, and now has first hand knowledge of how screwed it is. Hirst is still energetic and a joy to watch, Moginie still a music master and the vital cog in the band for mine, Rotsey and Hillman both ooze talent and ensure the band is as tight as ever.

I hope they continue as I’d go see them again in a heartbeat. I have never been to the bowl before, the sound was absolutely amazing. I envy those that have seen a number of acts there over its time.

Midnight Oil setlist 7 November 2017

Read About It (from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1982)
Don’t Wanna Be the One (from Place Without A Postcard, 1981)
Truganini (from Earth and Sun and Moon, 1993)
Hercules (from Species Deceases EP, 1985)
Section 5 (Bus to Bondi) (from Head Injuries, 1979)
Dreamworld (from Diesel and Dust, 1987)
Safety Chain Blues (from Redneck Wonderland, 1998)
No Time for Games (from Bird Noises EP, 1980)
My Country (from Earth and Sun and Moon, 1993)
When the Generals Talk (from Red Sails In The Sunset, 1984)
Short Memory (from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1982)
US Forces (from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1982)
Kosciusko (from Red Sails In The Sunset, 1984)
Now or Never Land (from Earth and Sun and Moon, 1993)
Warakurna (from Diesel and Dust, 1987)
The Dead Heart (from Diesel and Dust, 1987)
Blue Sky Mine (from Blue Sky Mining, 1990)
Beds Are Burning (from Diesel and Dust, 1987)
Forgotten Years (from Blue Sky Mining, 1990)

Power and the Passion (from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1982)
King of the Mountain (from Blue Sky Mining, 1990)

Encore 2:
Best of Both Worlds (from Red Sails In The Sunset, 1984)


It’s very different in the seated area (no one sat) compared to the grass, you get pounded by the sound.


good summary
loved Hercules, I could have gone home after that and been happy with the night. Agree with Warakurna, haven’t heard it for a about 25 years so, that was a great one.

Amazing looking around the crowd, the least diverse bunch of people you could imagine. All the same from the last time I saw the Oil about 25 years ago, just fatter and balder/greyer


I bet General Electric were sad they got left out.


Good to read your summation of the evening at the Bowl @benny

You guys got some ripping tracks that we missed on the Saturday at Hanging Rock.
Don’t Wanna Be The One, Hercules & No Time For Games are terrific additions, and Warakurna is a nice tempo breaker with melodic guitars and harmonies.
We also didn’t get Dreamworld, but I can’t complain.
Our Setlist was killer, and there will always be songs missing when you have the catalogue of songs the Oils have spanning 25 years of making Records.

To give an insight into my experience, I was a young teenager when I began noticing friends at school talking about this awesome Aussie Rock band.
It only took a few listens to US Forces, Short Memory and Power and the Passion for me to be hooked.

I can’t describe how good it feels to now (in 2017) be able to see them LIVE again with my 14yo son with the guys still playing close to their best.
The bonus being that we sat close enough that my boy (who plays guitar) could almost see which chords Jim is hitting between the verse lines of Truganini.
What an assault to the senses it was.
I’d forgotten how brutal their shows could be, and they certainly have not toned it down in their old age.
Our Setlist was pretty fkn heavy.

Garrett still moves around that stage well for mid 60’s, and is vocally comparable to earlier years.
Rob is an animal on the drums as always, but has noticeably lost the high range in his vocals from before.
He still gives it his all though, and provides solid back up along with Bones.
The guitar blend between Martin and Jim has always been a feature of their sound.
If I was on the Mixing table, I’d probably turn the levels up on Martin’s guitar a fraction, but it’s a minor gripe.
In fact, why not let Martin go out on his own to start with and play Wedding Cake Island solo, before busting your head open with Redneck Wonderland.
BOTB or Bullroarer (a personal favourite) would have been nice to hear, but I touched earlier on how it’s impossible to fit all the tracks one likes into a 22 or 23 song Setlist.

Very cold night at Hanging Rock given we’re only 4 weeks away from summer, but highly memorable, and especially sentimental for myself.
Got to meet another Blitzer also, who seems a good chap.

I still have 2 tickets to the last show in Sydney.
Hmmm…decisions, decisions


You got Stars of Warburton.


Didn’t check my “compilation album” in the other thread here, but Melbourne got basically none of the “building” songs I included so heavily in that.

I’m not complaining that much, the mixture of straight played and big deviations (e.g. extended guitar solo or minimal keyboard+vocals only) illustrated why they are so good live.

Yeah, Hirst’s voice was drab but his drumming and presence still rocks.



Hirst is a rhythm monster, and Stars of Warburton was good :ok_hand:


Apparently Jimmy took a fall last night during the last song before encores, and had to be helped off stage.
The result being a badly torn hamstring.

Consequently, only 1 encore song was played (One Country), but the crowd missed out on Short Memory, Power and the Passion, Sometimes & Best of Both Worlds.

Seems like Jim is OK, but may affect his playing as he likes to fiddle with his guitar board by hand regularly, and bending over will be difficult with a torn hammy.




Far out! Hope it heals quickly for him! Sometimes is an awesome song and that would’ve been some encore!


That bunch of finishers were all high energy, what a downer.

Find the man a chair before Saturday, thanks.



Got lucky there DJR :+1:


Hmmm… there’s quite a few people at The Domain right now.


I want VFL style updates !


Old man’s injury.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Matthew Lloyd is a püssy.

On the third day JM arose, and did a two hour concert… and only afterwards allowed them to put him back in the wheelchair and roll him off his podium.

(Which made it pretty obvious we weren’t getting a second encore. But as noted the show went within a couple minutes of two hours.)


Opened with Armistice Day just to shut me up, finished with Sometime. As I predicted, Bus to Bondi again.


Watching Paul Kelly on ABC at the opera house. Aussie legend… Just fantastic music. Love it.