The concert and gig thread


Details man! Where’s the NOFX sideshow? And Bendigo hotel I’m there


Nah it’s just how i approach festival tours.

Haven’t heard anything about this one yet.


Sadly, I think the sideshows are all in other states. ST are playing in what looks like a pub in Adelaide, FFS!

Might have to do some travel for work coming up,


yeah nofx with hot water music in sydney. sucks


Managed to get into the libertines ‘secret’ show at the john curtin last night. Less than the 300 capacity, wild night, sweaty hug from doherty and barat, goodtimes!


So Beck tonight for me. Doesn’t feel like there will be many here…


So nobody saw Dweezil Zappa play whatever the F***k he wants? Great show in Brisbane. Didn’t hear a bum note all night, which says a lot considering the stuff they play. Awesome band, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope they come back soon.


More there than I expected.

Opened with Devils Haircut, played Loser in the encore and finished with 2 turntables and a microphone and everyone left happy.


I didn’t realise that was on; Mellow Gold and Odelay were brilliant albums.


Queen with Adam Lambert. Wow. Just… wow.

Going again tomorrow night :slight_smile:


I know he’s done a heap of stuff but other than odelay i really best know Midnight Vultures, that song about Debra is fucki ng golden. its like taking the pisss out of Prince in a way only The 12th Man could.


That would have been awesome!

Caught them at The Forum on Wednesday night and they did not disappoint. One of my favourite bands.


The forum gig was awesome, great venue!

But yeah, the curtin show was one of those pinch yourself moments, I was right at the front for most of the first half (the crowd was absolutely off chops, so had to retreat after a bit ha) so pretty intimate

Had a great chat and hang with pete and carl after the show too, great lads, still buzzin


Second that. Was an amazing show


Queen again. Wow again!!!


Anyone heading to the "Sydney Road Street Party’ today?
Should be a fun day with lots of local acts playing.


Veruca Salt tonight was heaps of fun!


I was there also. Loved it!

I think you nailed it Frosty by calling it fun, they know how to play a great gig.


Got download coming up. Nofx for 15th time


How was NOFX for anyone that went? Or even suicidal tendencies? Seen both but seems so long ago now.