The concert and gig thread


Yeah, I don’t bother with festy, unless tix are pit or balcony. Not a fan of the side seating, view wise


So, i have a spare ticket to this. PM if youre interested. I believe its sold out.


Went to a Kurt Elling gig last night. What a voice!


Saw The Whitlam’s on Saturday night with about 550 other oldies. Excellent set!


Strung Out.

Right now. Let’s see how this goes. ‘96 revisited!!!’



Whilst it won’t make it to my best ever gigs, was still fun to see the clock wound back. Band looked like they had fun and came down for some time with the fans.

Played the entire Subirban Teenage Wasteland Blues album, then a stack of other stuff.


Nice one. I saw them once at The Public Bar, at like a private unannounced type show around ‘98. Was never a huge fan but they had some good tunes.


Well, Croxton was only 1/2-3/4 full, and kind of mild crowd.

Bit of a sing along.

Any good tours coming up? Only got No Fun At All on my radar ATM.


I haven’t been getting out to gigs of late so not sure who’s touring right now.



i know this is probably falling on deaf ears, but anyone heading to kendrick lamar on thursday want to swap for friday night tickets? i’ve double booked myself!


Wutz a kendick? … :thinking:


what else could be on a thursday?


I want Thursday doo doo head


You are



I was thinking of a joke along those lines, …


Yeah it was an easy alley-oop, you gave me there.


soooo turns out the other show is saturday so my plan is rubbish.

i’m been stupid


Seeing Ian Moss tonight at the Canberra theatre.