The concert and gig thread


Cause I’m an idiot, I missed tickets to No Fun At All in November. If anyone wants to sell me one, please let me know…


Dead Kennedys* playing at Croxton same week as above.

Clearly not in their prime, and * there’s no Jello Biafra, but I’m still interested to go along.


Nice set from Regurgitator on Sunday with support from Glitoris. Gurge were fantastic and Glitoris was very appealing! Nuff said.


Got DK tickets, we all know it’s not the same without Jello, but hey, same band.


So The Breeders are coming back to the Corner.

Hooked up some tix during the pre-sale, but if anyones keen, Gen Pub sales start tomorrow.


Strongly considering making the trip down to Brisbane next month to see Mark Lanegan.


Download just dropped their line up
Judas Priest
Alice in Chains

Its like Dad band central. I really was hoping to see Ghost inside a venue…not outside in the day


Would love to see Ozzy and Alice in Chains!


Anyone see Gaz Coombes at the Corner? Bit of a buskery vibe but I loved Mick Quinn coming on at the end.


Looking forward to November when we have British India, Smash Mouth and The Rubens (two shows) play during the month.


I hope AIC do a side show.


So thanks for not telling me that Beneath Driver Lane was a thing, jerks.

Cool little candlelit whiskey bar with a duo that plays old, old (They’re Red Hot) style blues.

Awesome gig last night.


Anniversary present from Mrs bonzo.


I really want to check this place out one time!

Also, going to see La Dispute in December which should be a ripper show.


Has anyone heard any whispers about side shows for Stone Sour in December?


Coming down to Melb for the Cup next month. Would really like to go check the DKs out even with no Jello.

Having a hard time convincing the wifey to go though…


Yeah, they put on an extra show in the city.

Tell her it’s thenonly ever chance you’ll get to see them. Don’t take her though if she’s not into it.


Thanks for posting, I didn’t know about that. Gonna book some tickets.


I’ll just leave her to her own devices in the motel haha.

On another note, any recommended record stores to do some digging in the city. Looking for punk/garage/noise/indie stuff. Strange World records looks the goods but any other suggestions would be nice.


I know Au Go Go is gone, … but I think Central Station Records is still going?

Also, … Rock Steady is still open in the City IIRC.


If this were 20 years ago, the list would be as long as your arm…probably longer.

But it’s making a comeback, I know for Vinyl there’s lot Going on, most seem to be inner north (Fitzroy, Northcote, Thornbury) which is great cause it’s nice place for artwork, coffee and beer and half the cool cats on Blitz claim to live there!

Best I can link to this, which has a tonne. I’ve found each one offers a little bit different, and most I don’t know how the survive.

One that isnt listed where I picked up 4 albums (CD) from local Melbourne punk bands last week is Poison City Records, 400 Brunswick St Fitzroy. It’s tiny, but had everything I wanted, and it’s right next to Polyester Records, and another 2nd hand CD/vinyl place.

If you’re from out of town, and like that sort of music, check out PBS 106.7FM and listen to “Fang It!” or “Sunglasses after dark”, all the previous shows are there and free. They play a lot of local independent stuff, and there seems to be heaps of great bands at the moment in Melbourne.