The concert and gig thread


Much appreciated!


I also missed tickets for No Fun At All at The Bendi!!

La Dispute are always rad live…saw them at the Arthouse about 7 years ago…was amazing


I really need to stop buying tickets for shows while i’m at uni!

Going to see The Pharcyde in December and IDLES in January now :smiley:


Nope, you’ve got it ■■■■ about.

You gotta go to as many gigs for bands you like NOW.

Don’t expect bands to be around forever, and if they are they’ll either be popular or suck, or both. Or you won’t have time to go see them.

Seriously, you won’t ever have it this good


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I regret gigs I missed waaaaaaaay more than rubbish gigs I saw.


Yep, you regret the ones you miss more.

Things change, life gets in the way and some people stop playing.


I’m actually kind of glad I went to the worst gig I saw, which was Poison.
Gave me something to compare things to.
Funnily enough, Mrs Wim saw them in Adelaide on the same tour, before we met, and she also says it’s the worst gig she’s seen.

Edit: Neil Diamond about ten or fifteen years ago (shut up, I took my mum) would be #2 on the worst gigs list.
Dude sang Unchained Melody with one note, although at least I could appreciate the irony there.


Sadly, one of the worst gigs I went to was Queen. It was at the old swimming pool that the Pies now train at. They were about an hour late on stage, Freddie was in a filthy mood and really didn’t want to be there. It finished early too.

Still, I’m glad I went because the songs they actually bothered to perform were brilliant.


Once University is over and you get a job and settle down, the gigs you will be attending will be with children.

So as others have said, get in all of them now.

The Wiggles just never did it for me !


I’ll be working with children, so I think that will be enough for me.
Never planned to have any myself (i’m already 28).

I enjoy playing games and trying to be a musician too much to have another outside influence in my life.


I hear the DJ King thread calling your name…:wink:


Anyone in Melbourne who hasn’t got a ticket to Parkway Drive for 2nd nov u should go. Best metal concert I’ve been to. One of Australia’s finest best ever bands




Yeah, nah probably wouldn’t go that far!
Decent live performance though.


So I got drawn in the Ballot for Golden Plains and only need 2 Tix, so have the chance to buy a spare 3rd if anyone wants one?

They are $400 a piece, and my code runs out at 10 tonight, so you’ll have to be quick, so we can sort it out. (Meant to do this ages ago, :roll_eyes: soz)

PM me if you do, and we’ll work it out. :+1:


■■■■ $400 is a bit rich


Funny cos my 12 yr old son asked for Def Leppard / Scorpions tix next Saturday night up in Sydney
He’s been rifling thru about 1500 of my old CDs & listens to whatever takes his fancy
Have to admit Hysteria was one of my all time fave albums so I’m not unhappy to be taking him along
Had to get the tickets of Gumtree cos show was sold out months ago


Yeah. Festival prices have gone ballistic over the past 15 - 20 years, and I just won’t pay it for most these days.

Golden Plains and Meredith are a very different story though, always have been, and are the only ones I’ll pay those dollars for.


Scorpions ! Never knew they ever left Europe. Saw them in Berlin 20 years ago, and were incredible live.


Got a ticket for Parquet Courts in January now too! Haha can’t help myself :slight_smile: