The concert and gig thread


Does anyone know how general admisison standing room is at RLA? Though I’ve stood at sold out gigs without issue, I never have at somewhere as big as RLA. I once got stuck at a festival, and learnt that I become claustrophobic if I feel squashed, or things get hectic…


Bronx right now


Rod Laver yeah?

I haven’t been to a gig there for probably 5 years, but my experience with it is that there is always room to move if you want it.

Obviously it depends on who you are seeing and how close you get to the stage, but the floor is a pretty big surface area there, and it’s highly, highly unlikely to be as bad as a big festival crush.


Depends who’s playing.

The front half of standing area can be crazy but there’s usually plenty of space at the rear of the floor to stand around.


Well, that was pretty awesome.

I haven’t been into them, until last 6 months, so didn’t know what to expect. But they put on an epic show.

Resplendent in their Halloween Elvis costumes. Just slayed it for an hour. Then an impromptu Halloween costume competition with the winner (BAnanaman) winning the prize of mowing the guitarist moustache. Anyway, then back to the music with the next 3 songs sung from the crowd generating fair a bit of chaos.

Then back to the stage for more full of the same.

Just an all round fricken good show. Def see them in their next tour, and spewing I waited so long to pick them up.


Thanks for thr info guys :slightly_smiling_face:


Off to see Rod Stewart tomorrow nite with Mrs Chilly. Even managed to score the tickets for nix on a local radio station quiz. Yeah, he’s old, but so am I…


Ok, great gig.
Really surprised with his vocal ability at 73. Not what it was in early 70’s, but still really strong. And he shone most on the part of the set that was pretty much acoustic- so he couldn’t hide behind the mix.
All this, and he had a broken lower leg, so he was hopping around the stage in a moon boot!


Anyone going to def lepard you ■■■■■■■ next week






C’mon c’mon, you animal, let it go, love now, go run riot tomorrow.





Dead Kennedys last night at the Croxton was interesting.

I’m not sure what to think, these guys are 60, and the band formed 40 years ago.

There were definitely some highs, and personally to hear the lead guitar on Moon over Marin live was worth it for me, plus all the other classics.

Of course there’s no Jello, and it did feel like they were trying to recreate a DK show as best they could without him, so there was a bit of scripted byplay with the crowd, which was a little forced.

So yeah, I dunno. It was a great gig, I think.


Yep - Thursdee night in Melbourne.

I’ve checked the playlist on setlist. I was hoping they’d play Hysteria as the album goes track by track. But they play them all. And add in a few more songs for good measure.

Looking forward to it.

Want to check out Scorpions too, just don’t know much of their stuff.


Sometimes I hate living in Tas and having financial commitments.
Last act we got down here was Elton John 2 years ago.


There’s always youtube for the almost was there feel.

Plenty of live concerts available on there. :metal::ok_hand::+1:


Wouldn’t mind seeing You Am I in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I finish my assessments that day and can score a last-minute ticket.


so good. classics all night.


Just got home from James Reyne @ The Corner Hotel.

All killer, no filler