The concert and gig thread


Just got back from tonights gig. It was great alright. So pleased I went. The original members were all brilliant and the new singer did a decent job. Without him we wouldn’t have got to see the band at all. Really enjoyed the mix of tracks they played and wasn’t too bothered if they played the classics or not but then they played Holiday in Cambodia and farkin nailed it big time.


God you just sounded like a mate of mine.

He had a music career;


In case anyone is keen, there are some $90 tickets on Lasttix for Def Leppard this Thursday in Melbourne.


Arctic Monkeys in Feb. Didn’t manage to get general admission as hoped, though being in Feb might not be a bad thing if it’s boiling hot. Still got some very nice seats. IMO the scalpers were onto this gig in a big way, fark them.


Yeah taking my 12yr old son this Saturday night up to the Sydney show


No Scorpions tonight before Def Leppard - issues with the singer’s voice - boooooo!!


No way!?
Disappointing :confused::confused:


he’s resting it for you guys :slight_smile:


Dallas Crane ended up being the support act. They were good too.


Great band, and Dave is a solid Bomber man and a great bloke I got to know pretty well back when they were new and out and about.

Been on Blitz over the journey too.


Saw them a few times at the Metro years ago
Great local band
If they do a cover of “Rock U like a hurricane” I might be able to convince my young fella that the Scorpions were the support act :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


They did a brilliant cover of ‘let be rock’ AC/DC.


I think I spotted him down in Gorky Park, listening to the wind of change or something. :wink:


I did enjoy Def Leppard Thursday night - but got more into the less popular songs being played live.
Don’t Shoot Shotgun and Excitable were fun and high energy.

Now contemplating getting tix to see The Prodigy again in Feb 2019 (already seen them 6 times live) but saddens me it isn’t at a festival or in the old Metro on Bourke St.


Was the Scorpions on that bill ?


Late cancellation - Melbourne concert (I think someone mentioned further up in this chat)


Just made the trek up to Sydney for Def Lep / Scorpions
Young fella heartbroken that Scorpions off the bill again tonight
Nothing a first sip of dads beer & a T shirt didn’t fix
I explained that I bet none of his mates would’ve got to see Dallas Crane either


Reckon the Scorpions probably couldn’t get their walking frames into the theatre.

I saw they in Berlin over 40 years ago and they looked old then, shocked to to find some of them are still the originals from 1965.

Loved their music back then.


TBH Dallas Crane did themselves proud anyway & were well received by the crowd
By the time Def Lep were 3 bars into their set my young fella had totally forgotten about the Scorpions nonshow
Talk about a reality check when Joe Elliott said they released Hysteria 31 years ago - I bought it the week it came out !!
Great show :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


RHCP doing a national tour in February also including Hobart!!!