The concert and gig thread


Went and saw the superjesus 20 years of sumo show last night. Played Sumo in its entirety for the first set, took a quick break then played a bunch of their other stuff. Very entertaining, they sounded great and had a lot of energy.


Saw DC supporting Cheap Trick a month ago. Knew nothing about them but they were pretty good. Nothing revelatory just good honest RNR.


They were in Adelaide a fortnight ago and were simply outstanding as were Def Leppard. Don’t think many sat in their seats at all during the evening, everyone preferred to stand and get into it. Just a pity it was a Sunday night.
RHCP are playing at the Adelaide 500 after party. Have seen them a few times and as good as they are I’ll probably not bother this time.
Got my tickets for the Prodigy, no way would I miss that. They are playing on the Australia Day long weekend which will be huge for me as we have the Phil Collins concert at AO Friday night and then the Prodigy Saturday


beg borrow steal whatever you have to do but get to see David Byrne while he is in the country.

pure genius…


Some festivals coming up with a couple of bands that reportedly won’t do side shows.

Pennywise, Dropkick Murphys in particular.

Can’t understand who’s going to these festivals to see bands from 20 years ago that would want to be at a festival.


Had a look at The Rubens, Little May & Sannia on the weekend. Great show with differing music from each act but all good. Very worthwhile!


May be the only time this has ever been said in relation to this double


Yeah not me, the whole festival thing is done for me now at 37 years old.

I love Pennywise, got their emblem tattooed…but im not going to Download festival


You Farken Beauty!!!

For a while there, I feared it would never happen.

The Worlds best Music Venue is Back Baby!! The Grand Old Lady is back!!

It’s confirmed: the Espy is reopening this weekend

By Emily Lloyd-Tait

4-5 minutes

News / Bars & Pubs

Updated: Tuesday November 20 2018, 1:31pm

A courtyard at the new Espy

Photograph: Supplied

St Kilda’s beloved Esplanade Hotel is finally ready to swing open the doors in a fresh new chapter in the pub’s history. The Sand Hill Road hospitality group (Garden State Hotel, the Terminus) is behind the amazing revival, which from photos looks tres lush. There’s a spot in the expansive watering hole for all speeds of drinking and dining. There’s a curb-side beer garden, a basement stage, public bar, main bar, garden terrace with a retractable glass roof and views out over the St Kilda pier, the Gershwin Room bandroom, and a casual dining room. The venue will also open a Cantonese restaurant and cocktail bar by year’s end. After all that work, staff are not about to just chuck some parmas back on the menu and be done with it – they’re installing charcoal grills, pizza ovens and rotisseries. Plus there’ll be weekend brunch from 9am with crab omelettes, scrambled tofu and avocado, and mushroom and halloumi rolls.

We just had news that in Sydney, the new Employees Only speakeasy has a séance room, but here at the Espy we’re getting a fully functioning podcast studio that can be booked, and at the top of the famous 140-year-old staircase there are 19th-century art- and science-themed rooms.

A spread of pub food

Photograph: Simon Shiff

And as to the music program, the three stages are packed with a true cross-section of Melbourne’s music scene, from the newcomers playing their first gigs to international acts wanting to play in that hallowed bandroom: already on the line-up are ticketed gigs from the Teskey Brothers, PP Arnold, Tex Perkins, Dan Sultan and the Chats.

The interior of the Espy

Photograph: Supplied

Hotel Esplanade, opens Fri Nov 23. 11 The Esplanade, St Kilda 3182.

Fancy seeing a gig? Check one of Melbourne’s best live music pubs.

Staff writer


Yeah, I read about it the other day. It sounds amazing, all the levels, rooms, bars, and innovations going on there.


No doubt it will have lost it’s famous Sticky Carpet character and historic StKilda grunge authenticity, … but considering the fretting over maybe never opening again experienced over the past few years, it’s all good.

Just hope it’s not overrun with Yuppies and Hipsters, and/or, at least the 3 Band rooms keep the same types of patrons and atmosphere, even if, (as is likely inevitable) the Food areas etc don’t.


Earthless touring in early 2019.

Def going to check this out.


Breeders tonight player 90% of Last Splash with a big dose of Pod thrown in. Great night.


Yeah, good luck with that. Have to admit I’m curious though, might take a look next week in between family stuff.


Reckon Bluesfest are pushing it announcing $25-50 parking fees now, after they’ve sold X,000 tix. Although I’ve thought about it in past years and pretty much decided I wouldn’t go due to the cost, this pretty much seals it for me. Not getting out of it for less than $350/day once you add food, drinks etc.

Guess I’m either I’m either too old, too tight or both!


Missed out on the Goldfinger/Millencolin Wed show…if anyone has 1 melb ticket…let me know…there is a new show Tuesday but my cousin got Wed…and then it sold out before my pay day!


Fark. This would’ve been nice. But I’m in Sydney when they play Melbourne, and Melbourne when the play Sydney.


Went to Neneh Cherry. Ordinary. Have never been a fan of the style, or her, but I thought it would be worth a look. Expected better.


Sooo, …

I’ve never liked her, … went to see her, … I still don’t like her, I am surprised by that.

Am I reading this right? :smirk:


Live music can/should be like that tho.

I went to see Helmet at Festival Hall, and it wasn’t til about a couple of weeks before that I realised they were actually the support act for the beastie boys.

I was pretty grumpy about it to be honest. Wasn’t a huge B.B. fan.

Figured I’d give them one song to impress me, I had said id leave early. They blew me away, easily one of the top couple gigs I’ve seen and I wished I’d seen them more often.