The concert and gig thread


No, not really. I like a couple of her songs a little but have never checked out albums etc. So I thought I’d go see - as said above, sometimes a live gig by someone you don’t really know is great. Just the performance was ordinary, that’s all.

And sorry, I didn’t explain very well.
Too much reverb on the vox, not loud enough to create an atmosphere, played about an hour plus 15 minutes encore. Would have liked some live drums too (though I’m ok with no guitars as that isn’t her thing).
Other issues were more on the venue (Tivoli Brisbane which I usually like) - all seated (wtf?) and bar closing right on curtains (10.15?) despite them saying they stay open after gigs finish.


I saw these guy’s at the Collingwood town hall in November. I had heard they were great live, even so they blew me away.
Non stop full energy for nearly 3 hours straight.
Jay is full on, one of the best front men I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a few. Very funny in between song’s also.


3 hours?!


It’s pretty fair value for money eh?


If they played with the energy from that song in the clip, that’s nuts.


(Cocaine is a hell of a drug, … :smirk:)


As a country boy visiting the city I was dragged off to see a ‘great band’, I think it was in Fitzroy but it’s a long time ago now.
I was used to bands (almost always cover bands, but still) doing four fifty minute sets plus encores.
These guys played three songs and buggered off.
It was a very wtf moment for me.


A few times I’ve mistimed shows. Travelled a journey to get to the venue, walk in and see the band’s already playing. Oh shoot, they must’ve just started. Then the note rings out, “thank you, good night!”

The best was sitting in a mate’s car with a joint, laughing and playing tunes on the car stereo, with the support bands playing inside. Then we realised it was the band we’d travelled to see playing the whole time, must’ve been after 30-40 minutes we cottoned on, sprinted inside and the show was over.


I know, crazy right?
I was getting tired just watching them. Granted, there was a fair bit of witty banter and audience participation in between, but still.


Back in the 80’s we used to do two 40 to 60 minute sets, or sometimes 90 minutes straight. Mix of covers and originals.
Now it seems to be 30 to 40 minutes and thats it. It kinda suits me because Im old, but I still feel a little guilty.
A mates band has a gig on this weekend…15 minutes…wtf has the world come to?


Ahemm…so I’m told. :flushed:


That’s not a Gig, … that’s a Cameo during someone else’s gig. :persevere:


It really depends on the context, but generally I’m happy with 45 minutes (+maybe an encore) if there’s been a couple of supports playing, and I haven’t paid big $$. For a bigger act that I’d paid a bit more for, I’m happy at around and hour + a couple of encores.

But then some gigs you never want to end. And some others overstay their welcome.

For me I recall garbage at Festival Hall just after the first album. It was something like $55 (which was a fair bit in 1995 dollars. And they played for 35 minutes. Just played the entire album. Not a word between sings. Thanks, good night. Worst value ever.

At the other end “troubadour” Rory McLeod at the retreat in Brunswick in, say, 93. He just kept playing and playing and playing, even though the pub was completely packed. After something like 4 hours so many people had left.


Saw IDLES at the Corner Hotel on Thursday and they put on such an awesome show.
Really respectful guys and played for a long time, with a lot of energy in their first gig in Australia.
Would definitely recommend to see them next time if you enjoy some new age UK Punk Rock.

Got Parquet Courts on next Thursday at the Croxton which I am also super excited for.


I had Hellions play at my pub the other day. Epic show! And Clint boges from butterfly effect was with his other band, Like Thieves. If you like progressive rock, check them out! And a great bunch of guys from both bands!

I go alright with the live music as I run a touring venue, so get to see some great shows even if I am working!


ok, so this artist is a little different from others mentioned recently…

but I’m sooooo rapt to be seeing Phil Collins this weekend! some of my fave songs from the 80s are his, and I thought I’d missed the chance to see him live - it’s been over 20 years since he was here last, and I figured he wouldn’t tour again.




Hitting up the Rev sat night to see one of my all time favs in Game Over. They wont probably play again…amazed I have seen them 4 times since 2012.
Plus No Trigger from the states which Im keen on too.

Thursday night, Stick to your guns and Terror in Frankston

Still undecided on Download. Keen to see Pennywise, Sum 41 and Ghost


Game Over were good value. Felt like they supported every international band there for a while.


Which night? I’ll be there Friday.


Where do you work Sconzie and who is on your radar right now?