The concert and gig thread

Unless the stadium is specifically designed and built with acoustics in mind (Marvel is not,) it’s much better with the roof off.

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I went a saw Pearl Jam maybe a decade or so ago there, roof on. The acoustics were bloody dreadful. I basically paid $150 to listen to a bunch of half cut bogans sing over eddie vedder while watching the band on the big screen.

I refuse to go see anyone at that stadium now, don’t care if its the Beatles reincarnated!


Saw Models at Theatre Royal in Castlemaine last night. Super entertaining and far exceeded my expectations. They nailed stuff that I didn’t think would be possible with the 4 piece lineup and they were clearly having a great time. It was the last leg of their current tour and they really cut loose. The weekend cost me a fair bit due to some auto problems but still turned out great value.


Better open, RHCP where brilliant when they came over they sounded fantastic

Really enjoyed Motley Crue, heavy on the bass, drums and guitar, Vince wasnt very energetic, 18 months of touring had taken its toll!
Tommy Lee encouraged the girls (and guys) to show their ■■■■■■■…all class that guy.
Def Leppard were awesome as per usual.
Acoustics were good (I was on level 4). First time I had seen the ground level seats moved forward on to the ‘field’

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Was anyone else at Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Forum tonight? The risk was there that it might be a train wreck but that was next level. About ten songs in 105 minutes, with the frontman’s rambles in between, culminating in the frontman punching on with one of the guitarists.
Am I glad i went? I think so, because those of us that went will be talking about it for years to come.
Will be interesting to see if the tour continues.


Oh god I’m so glad someone else was there. That was without a doubt the best worst gig I’ve ever seen, the band were tight but god Anton’s voice was awful. And that punch on at the end? Was that staged? They were so unprofessional, unpredictable, totally wasted that was so bizarre


I think you nailed it with the best worst gig comment. Agree, I thought the band was great musically, but his voice was way off. One of the guys I was there with also wondered if the punch on was staged, but another suggested it was probably a build up over time, and it came to a head tonight and hadn’t on other nights.
Certainly memorabale!

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Mind you , still sounds better than the first gig they did at the Hi Fi Bar in 2004 when they only played 7 songs. My brother was at that gig

Brian Jonestown Massacre

June 2, 2004 — 10.00am

The Hi-Fi Bar, May 27

More a virulent confrontation between the bitter, obsessive ego of a fallen artist and a fractured audience than a rock concert, the first Melbourne appearance of the Brian Jonestown Massacre is sure to swiftly enter local rock lore.

But before the behaviour of the band’s frontman, Anton Newcombe, is transformed into the apocryphal, it’s worth noting how it disfigured the musical worth of his back catalogue and dishonoured the artisans who tried to help him recreate it.

Newcombe is the one constant in the San Francisco band’s 16-year, eight-album history.

His dictatorial tendencies were in evidence before a note was played, when he ushered a wizened busker onto stage for an unannounced set of circuitry loops and feedback.

“Isn’t that the guy who plays in front of Coles on Elizabeth Street?” remarked one confused onlooker. “Respect this man,” screamed Newcombe, a cadaverous presence in a lime green suit. He rarely ceased berating the sparse crowd for the rest of the evening.

Operating on a logic apparent only to himself, Newcombe maniacally held the room’s attention. He threatened hecklers with violence or expulsion while ranting on subjects ranging from Australian troops in Iraq to his own ill health.

At one stage, he illustrated the latter by coughing phlegm into his hand and showing the audience, before smearing it into his hair.

His five-piece backing band passively watched proceedings, seemingly inured to his actions, but when called on to play they offered respite.

Opening with Whoever You Are, they surged from a drone rock foundation into soaring guitar-spangled chords. The plangent Hide And Seek was a notable moment, but each of the seven songs were separated by five minutes worth of Newcombe’s abuse.

Brian Jonestown Massacre is a cult band, not simply because commercial success has eluded it, but because of the extremities of its shows: any enjoyment was matched by a mixture of disgust and rapt horror.

“Everybody is terrified of what I can do,” boasted Newcombe, intending to lambast his songwriting peers. Those watching knew the true meaning of his words.


Yeah, the threats of violence and expulsion popped up on occasion. A couple of missiles projected feom the crowd late, at which time I expected they’d all just walk off. Around this time they mustn’t have played a song for at least 15 minutes.

You do wonder whether Anton’s escapades are a set up. He seemed so normal on that Berlin episode of Anthony Bourdain.

The lead singer basically ranted for 50 per cent of the gig, primarily calling the audience c***s

If only Taylor Swift was like this

Pretty sure I saw Fear factory early on a MainStage one year too.

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A mate’s band was supposed to be support but the singer is away for work. I’d never heard them until a colleague said he saw them 20years ago at the Tote and he thinks it’s still the loudest gig he’s been at.

I went to them here in Sydney at the vanguard. Which is tiny.

The sound they put out could have clearly filled a 1000 seat auditorium.

I got through half the gig then needed to grab some earplugs from the bar.

Fantastic gig though. Great band if your into the genre. Their new album as I mentioned above is well worth a listen. Excellent heavy stuff

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Im hoping Eddie does a solo acoustic tour next time he comes rather than bring PJ.

I really like his more folky stuff and yeah hopefully the crowd would be better.

Taylors last gig she called it off on stage too 120k fans before cracking into a song. They were ■■■■■■.

A girl died the night before of heat stroke and the promoter was charging 4 dollars for a cup of water in 50 degree heat!

I was due to see BJM in Castlemaine tonight!!! got an email this afternoon saying it was canceled on “medical grounds” … worse lies than the AFL injury updates!!!

That sucks. Their show in Northcote tomorrow has been cancelled also. It’s pretty sad really.

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Where are you seeing this?