The continuing death of journalism

Ok, Ihaven’t lived in Melbourne for a couple of years now, but why is there an article on Bec and Juddy EVERY friggin day on
That has to be the sign of the coming apocalypse

The bigger question is, why would anybody visit ever, in the first place, … let alone doing it every fking day?


Sorry- just a nice free site to check on what’s going on back in OZ

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This was on the front page of the once respected The West Australian recently… The front page.

The editor, Anthony De Ceglie created a ‘morality crisis’ in order to justify publishing an image of a couple having sex in a public place on the Perth foreshore.

What a sleaze.

This newspaper has been around for well over 150 years but I reckon this effort was its lowest point over that period. Well done, T-Bag. You’ve tunneled lower than even Paul Armstrong thought possible.

Free copies of this trash were being handed out at my local servo last week. After politely declining the offer, I asked the shopkeep how many she had managed to offload during her shift and it had barely been a handful. Couldn’t even give them away.


you should try

Ad-free, bias-free and Judd-free. And free.


ABC also full of it IMO, as it peddles a lot of MSM rubbish. They just don’t try to sell stuff in their “news” reports like channel 7.

Anyway, last night channel 7 news when talking about the Israel Folau businnes called him “former AFL star”. What a bunch of farktards.


You’re kidding aren’t you? I have the ABC News app and it’s one of the first things I look at every day.

I don’t know why I bother. It is absolute rubbish. Everything is reduced to a human interest story that aims at producing sobs or cheers; every second item is labelled “analysis” or “opinion” (I’m yet to work out what the difference is); there’s virtually nothing international; it’s endlessly self-promoting. I also have the BBC news app; the difference in quality couldn’t be more extreme.

The best Australian news source is SBS news. That now does what the ABC used to do: straight reporting of the local and international news.

You are exaggerating. The top 8 stories right now on their web site are:

-Albanese on bushfires
-White Island volcano update with another death
-Ken Henry on the Libs not accepting his tax reform report
-two more stories on bushfires in SA and NSW
-streaming companies locking up movie rights (yes, this one is labelled opinion)
-John Cain’s passing
-a Chinese supplier using prison labour (also reported on the Guardian site)

So 1 in 8 is opinion; none is human interest; no self promotion.

That’s not what I have.

1 is the fires - news
2 Volcano death - news
3 John Cain - news
4 Individual human interest story about one fire incident
5 Netflix v DVDs - speculation about streaming services
6 Ken Henry complaining- not news
7 Chinese supplier - news
8 Speculation about Boxing Day pitch.

I rest my case. Those are the top 8 “events” happening in Australia and the world, according to the ABC

And neither of those is what I have.

Must have meant more for the 99% and less for Gina et al …

Since it was taking over by 9

Clarkeson …

maybe @scottyfrommarketing could hire him for some stand up at the office party.
Tone deaf to the max

The day I start giving even the very faintest of farks what a drunken, entitled oaf like Jeremy Clarkson thinks is the day I may as well take my last breath…

It’s The Sun…and it’s Jeremy Clarkson…who the ■■■■ cares? Another troglodyte who lives in the 70s.

I must be one of few not really bothered by that Clarkson piece. Poor timing , yes, and not terribly funny but a clearly satirical piece from an irrelevant pommy celebrity. Meh.



She may have sent the social media world into meltdown but finding out details about glamorous chair umpire Marijana Veljovic seems as difficult as trying to return a booming serve by Nick Kyrgios.

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Jeezuz, . Really?

People never seen a pretty girl before?

Have to be total fkn no lifes, fair dinkum.

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Something that’s given me the shitz for years now, … is so called “Journos” / reporters, pronouncing OH lympics as Uh lympics, … but for the first time, . I just heard one actually pronounce it as A lympics, … ffs. :roll_eyes:

How the hell does that happen, … and is then let to continue to happen??

It’s the farking O lympics that began in O lympia ffs.

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