The continuing death of journalism



PIES PRIMED Steele Sidebottom opens up on how he has overcome a painful testicle injury and unpleasant recovery for Collingwood’s qualifying final.
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Well, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m more interested in why Bec Judd is skipping this year’s Brownlow… not a slow news day for the Herald Scum at all, in any way, whatsoever…


There’s also the requisite article on Jimmy and Nadia Bartel’s marriage break up. She’s not going to be perfect all the time just coz the world says she should be.

Um, who asked you to be?

Why TF,… do people visit these pointless sad excuses for NEWS sites, … and then bleat about all the bullshit non news that’s there?

I find this behaviour rather bizarre. is a pretty generic site that pops up because you have other Microsoft programs.
I don’t pay for or subscribe to it, or the Hun or the Always Co-dependant.

But I reserve the right to say something is ■■■■ when I see something they publish and call news.


And people bag Apple? I don’t get to see this ■■■■ unless one of you ■■■■■ posts it here. Get ■■■■■■, the lotta yas.


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And then you also find the energy to respond to it, from some wellspring of wisdom.

I just keep seeing someone continually punching themselves in the face, … then going to their front door and screaming to the World, … "It farking hurts when I punch myself in the face!!"

There’s plenty of proper news sites that don’t clickbait with New Idea type drivel.

Nine Entertainment hosting a Liberal fundraiser which is largely graced by the Minerals Council of Australia, energy giants and banks. Nice to see they’re dispensing with the pretence of independence.

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I don’t think this thread can handle any more irony.

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Journalism has been dead for decades. All we have now is narrative control from the plutocrats and the corporate elites who own the majority of the MSM.

Chomsky and Herman’s Manufacturing Consent should be required reading for every student.


What an article. Famous bloke getting take away near some other place but not connected. :rofl:


Mind-boggling bad story. Utter rubbish.

Ok, Ihaven’t lived in Melbourne for a couple of years now, but why is there an article on Bec and Juddy EVERY friggin day on
That has to be the sign of the coming apocalypse

The bigger question is, why would anybody visit ever, in the first place, … let alone doing it every fking day?


Sorry- just a nice free site to check on what’s going on back in OZ

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This was on the front page of the once respected The West Australian recently… The front page.

The editor, Anthony De Ceglie created a ‘morality crisis’ in order to justify publishing an image of a couple having sex in a public place on the Perth foreshore.

What a sleaze.

This newspaper has been around for well over 150 years but I reckon this effort was its lowest point over that period. Well done, T-Bag. You’ve tunneled lower than even Paul Armstrong thought possible.

Free copies of this trash were being handed out at my local servo last week. After politely declining the offer, I asked the shopkeep how many she had managed to offload during her shift and it had barely been a handful. Couldn’t even give them away.


you should try

Ad-free, bias-free and Judd-free. And free.


ABC also full of it IMO, as it peddles a lot of MSM rubbish. They just don’t try to sell stuff in their “news” reports like channel 7.

Anyway, last night channel 7 news when talking about the Israel Folau businnes called him “former AFL star”. What a bunch of farktards.


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