The continuing death of journalism


One striking Age journo said, "stop buying the Age" LOL.
Do they actually sell any ?


Right now you can take journalism at Melbourne Uni, RMIT, Deakin, Swinburne and LaTrobe,
Very soon there will be a queue of both old and young journalists at Centrelink, Its time the tenured Journalism staff at all but one these unis are offered packages and the departments closed down.


Genuinely interested, when was the last time you purchased a newspaper in a store?

I get the Sunday Herald Sun delivered as a part of my online subscription to News Ltd, but as far as actually picking up a newspaper and handing over the silver for it, I cannot actually recall the last time. I used to probably buy the Sun a couple of times a week (we used to do the quiz at smoko), but it's just not something I do anymore.

I even used to buy the local rag regularly - Monday for footy scores, Wednesday for Positions Vacant, Thurs for local footy/cricket previews, and Friday for team selections. Now, I just read it all online in about 10 minutes.


Exactly the problem

Will we see media split into an AP style actual service, and the big banners keep their Bachelor recaps & high paid op-ed writers?


Is it really a week-long strike when new articles are still being published in their website? Are printed papers still coming out daily?


The Fairfax journalists aren't exactly brain surgeons, are they?

The only people they will impact by going on strike are the advertisers who have have pre-booked slots up front. And these will be the same advertisers they will be begging afterwards to stay with them.


The strike only involves those fairfax journos who are doing original journalism. Fairfax has content-sharing agreements with other news services too - associated press etc - and stuff off those services will still be published. As will articles that were submitted yesterday before the strike was called, and articles written by strikebreakers (of which I think there are some at least)


I take a lot more interest in the various puzzles and weekly specials like the entertainment, travel, car sections.

I know all the "news" is someone's slanted opinion so don't absorb the minutiae.


The Age needs a wealthy benefactor who values a strong fourth estate to step in and fully fund it.

Anyone know a non right wing billionaire who doesn't mind losing money hand over fist??


Honestly I don't think many people will notice a difference, which isn't going to help their cause




Conrad Black?

Been there done that.


Is Journalism actually dead or just fake news?


25 years ago?


Say what??


Exactly Min.

Irrespective of the trash that Caro wrote during the saga (and all other times) do we really want to live in the world where we have a singe (major) paper owned by the one guy?

Just the other week Mark 'Robbo' Robinson declared that 'SPORT IS WAR' and compared highly paid athletes to soldiers in battle. If that's the quality of reporting people expect and want, then this country is completely ■■■■■■ and deserves all it gets.


Just take the glasses away from everyone over 55 and the rest of the print press will die with them.


How about.. forget mogul-owned agenda-driven media ■■■■■ salons, and source your news from a mix of areas that you have experienced and tested to be reliable?

Or... pick your favourite mogul/party/religion and fill your trough there.


You know most people are going to go for option B, right? It's easier than independent thought everyone loves to barrack for something regardless of how little sense it makes.


Say farking what ?