The continuing death of journalism


Recall a girl from LA on an exchange program at uni in the 90s being disappointed that Australia wasn’t some wildly exotic place but rather “just like home but a lot of wasteland that stinks”. I think she was referring to the outback.


Will probably make you laugh.

I was in L.A. at a 24 hour shopping centre for the first time. The biggest supermarket I had ever seen in my life, with over 100 registers /check outs at each end. So many shelves of choices of the same types things of things and shopping trolleys like small car trailers on wheels, I had an anxiety attack. Coming from a smallish place like Newstead tiny town of less than 600 people including the outskirts, near Castlemaine. I was in total visual and auditory overwhelm.

People I was living with in Agoura thought I was having them on and couldn’t imagine anything smaller or less ostentatious. Normally, they would have the hired help do their shopping, but; took me there for the experience and I was gobsmacked.


Sorry, I know you didn’t mean it literally. My point was that, even with no knowledge of population etc, if you look at map of the world it’s pretty hard to miss a whole farking continent.


Geography knowledge external to USA borders is limited (as is history and everything else that is not American) . My partner explained to me that there would be an annual class geography discussion in high school, where they had to match the name tags of countries on a Mercator projection map of the world. Every year, there were always two names that were the last to be matched. Australia and Greenland. It was always a 50/50 guess.


Yeah, thought it was something like that


Maybe off topic but I’ve heard it said hat terrorism is God’s way of teaching Geography to Americans.


Well, the original quote decades ago was it was war that did that.


Matthew Dunn with his weekly opinion piece rehashing the same lame threats about torrenting TV shows. Dude, everyone knows about VPNs these days.


More gold from the HS. Wow and double wow. Stop the feckin’ presses:

“BEC Judd is very worried because her three-year-old daughter has “all of a sudden” become obsessed with her appearance.”


Wonder how / why that could have happened?


Is 3 years old too young for plastic surgery?



Child worried about something that parent worries about?


Child worried about something parent completely bases their identity, career and worth around? Who would have thunk it?


Sounds like the blue powder affected the brain of the foetus…


How about every Australian major media outlet printing Dr G Yunupingu’s first name and photo reporting his death and being surprised at the backlash for doing so.


ABC radio has been circumspect, saying that at the family’s request, it won’t.


Blurred images all over ABC news, but then a follow up report saying he “spent his last night at this itinerant drinker’s camp on the Darwin coast”.


LOL. The other week the huns ■■■■■ weekend liftout was about her and the kids (all dressed in suits) modelling of their new designer kitchen.

Life must be so hard for a bogan that can’t pronounce “WEATHA” properly.


The Age publishes a photo of the back of an indiginous man.

Makes me wonder if these ghouls keep such a photo library for future deaths.