The continuing death of journalism


Sounds like an insurance claim I once made.


Bet you the bush went against the lights.


Highly likely. They nearly always do.


Country shrubs die on country roads.



"Government chaos over NZ Barney.

The Turnbull government has been thrown into Turnbull after Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce revealed he is a New Zealander."




Do Kmart’s beach trolleys really have “Australians going wild”?

What’s with all of the so called stories on kmart products lately?


Can’t wait to read the paper to find out how I’m packing my luggage wrong, and the latest flying ‘hacks’. Fk me.


Dafuq they gonna plug that TV in to?


Think because thier home products are on trend with the more exclusive home products. If your wanting to decorate your home, at little cost, Kmart is the place of the day.

Although will assume the quality is not the same.


Ok. There’s one there every week, it seems. Like a weekly infomercial or something.


HS, pls.

“DUSTIN Martin has spoken passionately about the powerful family significance behind his neck tattoos, saying he has no regrets about getting them.”

This is a whole fecking article about it, btw.




“No Ragrets”


“The dead are two of France’s Caribbean territories, St Martin and St Barthelemy.”

Also, Robbo, it’s ‘dolled up’ and ‘doled out’.
I don’t want to know how you got those two things confused.


To be fair, those places are pretty much dead right now. They’ve got the biggest hurricane ever measured bearing down with another behind it and another storm about to be classed as a hurricane. Interesting times.



Thats something


So we’re just going to pretend we don’t see…

Cool. Cool. Just checking.


I have mixed feelings. Of outrage and…arousal?