The continuing death of journalism


I am waiting for someone else to say something.


Say what?


Ms Parker could grab my backside anytime she wished.

Either one, the hockey player or the actress !

A forlone hope though.


Is that group shot that includes G Hackett before or after he went spaz?


Herald Sun:
How to get a body like Bec Judd
“SHE is known for her super-fit figure and now Rebecca Judd has given her followers an insight into how she stays in shape.”



That’s an absence of “shape” and shouldn’t be upheld as an ideal.


Pretty easy. A celery stick washed down with a cup of air


Took him about 12 hours to apologise and admit he made a mistake.


On these cold winter days, a nice bowl of steam always hits the spot.


Murdochs bid to prevent CBS buying Channel 10 failed in court. Now they’re appealing it. A win for democracy today.


Was about to post the same.


The Hun reporting Gil’s selfless act in giving the tickets of his and the missus to a Richmond fan. Gil and the missus still went to the game.


Does it ever end…



EMOTIONS always run hot in trade time. Jay Clark finds the emoji to match every club’s movements ahead of Thursday’s deadline.


Kim Jong-un obviously giving him tips, and Herald Scum helping to inform the people…


More great work from an Editor


In the story above the one with the hand jobs, they talk about drums sticks instead of drumsticks.




Fake news. There’s no way a submarine could do that.


“An artwork by the late Indigenous artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye… has been sold for $2.1m at an auction in Sydney.”

Worth every cent of $2.1 million dollars! It’s certainly unique because no other dead artist has ever painted an artwork.