The continuing death of journalism


“Victorian man critical after cut finger becomes infected with flesh-eating bug”

No bloody) wonder!

If I was in his position, I would be giving those flesh eating bugs a farking heap of criticism.


Oh dear. The Tories seem to have succeeded in dumbing down the poor old ABC…

“Internet sensation Gary the goat dies on tour in regional Queensland, leaving behind his devastated comedian owner who has frozen his sidekick in preparation for a taxidermist.”

There are so many things wrong that I need make no other comment, except that I hope his taxidermist can make a good joke.


Why do you hate gary the goat so much?


Don’t make out as if you don’t know


Lolling at the shameless plugging of Foxtell’s streaming service on Goes on about how it’s about to blow the competition away by releasing a plug in box that costs $99 which allows better access. Uh, no Rupert. No one wants your ■■■■■■ service because everyone else sells their service for around $10 a month and you’re still trying to get the damn plebs to pay for pay TV prices. Have fun losing more money you price gouging elitist.


Wow. They’ve now got the headline as “The Foxtel game changer you asked for”.

Oh, we asked for it? Did we? Well, in that case it must be wonderful. Otherwise we wouldn’t have asked for it.


hear farkin hear



Yes there’s some very enthusiastic “fans” who run a lot of Instagram and facebook pages - I’m sure it’s paid. Cheap way to do advertising, particularly when the shitrags run it word for word.


Hahaha. Although in fairness the 100pt splash heading controversy doesn’t get much coverage in other papers.


Wilson’s latest article in the Rage - will be on a weekly basis.
Works as an emetic


“Shined” eh?

Herald Sun speak plenty proper English… again…


Splashing some dollars on sub-editors would be good.


Front page quality

“PM says line-up is ‘diverse’. Peverse is more accurate”


The Hun falling for a fb troll post…


From the HS, via, who knows:

"This is the popular US dive bar where Jarryd Haynes met the woman he denies raping in his luxury apartment that cost him more than $4000 a month."

Didn’t realise there were diving themed bars - probably a bit dangerous. (It’s a ‘dive’, or a ‘bar’, no?) And what about the sentence in general? That’s not a sentence, it’s a mash of details posing as… information, in reference to an image. WTF?

The real issue with the article is the title:

"Where Jarryd Hayne’s Nightmare began".

What, are they saying? That he’s is innocent? Or if not, are they saying he’s so wishing he got away with it, but didn’t? Or etc. What the ■■■■ are they suggesting? ‘Oh no, the Aussie guy, that we lionised for a few months can’t have done that, or if he did, jeez he’s stiff to get called out on it.’

Who’s the victim here? They’ve already decided. Probably belongs in the Spacey thread.


Because he can’t bat ?


So what’s their view on “mother nature” then.


Time to hunt the unemployed for sport!


Aged pension $35
Unemployed $6.30