The continuing death of journalism


I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.
LMW is a millennial, barely.
She’s at school, and works, and has an avocation.
But I’m not sure what that has to do with OAPs.


Of course we stay at home til our late twenties. We’re trying to save up a deposit for exorbitant house prices :roll_eyes: As for supposedly just running up credit card debts, do you seriously think it’s only milennials who can’t manage funds? What about all the older folk who’ve worked their whole lives in decent jobs, could’ve bought a house for “peanuts”, yet still have no money? It’s got nothing to do with being a milennial. In fact, I’d say most of my friends actually haven’t even got a credit card. I think your comments are pretty silly.


It is now. The previous exemption for the family home in regard to those in permanent aged care ( pensioner or otherwise) was stopped last year. Family benefits cut back, the rort of not counting super in eligibility for the health care card was stopped.
Respite care has always been means tested.
What worries me is all those government funded private sector employment agencies in the struggle town areas - outsourced from Centre Link- who never seem to be able to find jobs for the youth unemployed.


Pensions are income and asset tested and if you are over the eligibility amounts you get zero or a part payment.


Nearly all pensions and such benefits are.

Government handouts to business are not. And it has always made me angry that groups like BHP, Rio Tinto. Gina, Twiggy etc get massive handouts in grants programs.


You obviously aren’t aware that the current under 25 generation are the highest savers our country has ever seen? And you don’t know on a taxes versus payments basis, they’re also one of the highest taxed and lowest benefit generations we’ve had in decades as well?

We like to give it to the younger generations, the simple reality is that they’re facing headwinds older generations never had, and paying far more into government for less out than previous generations.


Well someone has to pay tax so all those poor multinationals like Google, Apple and most of our energy providers and miners etc don’t have to pay any tax on their Aussie operations and that doesn’t include any other grants that they get handed as well like Bacchus mentioned.



Right, I’m off to Sovereign Hill!


I went to Turkey.


If you think you see the same surnames in the Australian media, then you are not wrong. I had no idea the industry was this tribalistic.


Yep Trip, those right wing private school kids learn from Mother and Father to continue to abuse the masses for Mr Murdoch


Fairfax, ABC and The Granuiad have more than their fair share as well


Why is this even a thing?
People sometimes carry on the family line of work.


About as relevant as Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas, Judy Garland and Liza Minelli, the three generations of the Redgraves in the film industry.


More rightwing tools of the bosses.


Balance has always been considered ‘left wing’ to the conservatives.


As we see from the 3 stooges daily, … truth, facts, and reality are Left Wing to a Rightard.


Geez. I just make a simple comment on how journalism is very insular in this country and people jump on me about how I was trying to make some political statement.

Give it a rest guys.


I think it’s certainly of some interest. But children of school teachers tend to often become school teachers, children of lawyers become lawyers etc.

But it’s interesting enough to keep an eye on for sure. It’s not a question of left or right wing bias, it’s a question of diversity of perspectives. Ideally, journos should be from a range of different backgrounds to give a proper perspective, rather than just all being from the same (privileged) background. The fact that most journos in the US came from similar backgrounds, i.e: upper middle class, big university, big city, goes a long way to explaining why none of them ever took the rise of Trump seriously. If you’ve never even been to a flyover state, what makes you think you can understand what they want and how they think?